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The Banana Republic is a micronation located on both the North American and Asian continents. The nation was founded on October 3, 2012 and on April 14, 2014 entered the Microwiki community. The nation is a Federal Semi-Presidential Republic comprised of thirteen "provinces". The incumbent president is Joe Jenkins and the incumbent Head Senator and Prime Minister is Kirk Jenkins. The nation has membership in the Micronational United Nations which also includes Minion Republic.


Early Development

The Banana Republic was founded on October 3, 2012 as the "Mouse Kingdom" as a absolute monarchy along with it's rival at the time the "Panda Kingdom". The Mouse Kingdom originally comprised of just what is now Capital District,BR. The Mouse Kingdom soon expanded into small areas of what is now Home Province . On October 4 the nation changed it's name to the Banana Republic despite still being an absolute monarchy. On October 10 the Banana Senate was established as the first elected government organ with the first senator being Joe himself representing Capital District this was the first step to Banana Democracy although needed the approval of the emperor first before passing a a law while the emperor himself could pass a law without the approval, this early form of Banana democracy has been dubbed a " hierarchial democracy" by Banana Politicians. On October 15 war broke out between the Banana Republic and the Panda Kingdom over what is now South City the Banana Republic won in a landslide, the war is now called the Banana-Panda War. The following day the Banana Republic invaded and occupied a small playground now known as the New Parka Fort. Also on that day Home Province was incorprated as the "Home Territory" the second ever province in the Banana Republic, up until that point the entire was administrated by Capital District. On October 18, 2012 the Panda Kingdom joined as the province of Tyom and gained a seat in the senate, the next day an imperial decree declared Capital District's withdrawal from Senatorial Representation.

The Collumian Wars

On November 2, 2012 while trying to put down a rebellion by Tyomian seperatists an attack was carried out by a hostile enemy dubbed the "Kyomians" the war was actually four different wars occuring on the same day and in the same area with an extra war occuring on November 8, 2012. The war ended in Banana Republic victory, while the Kyomians formed their own micronation-Kyom. The war brought together pro-government and anti-government forces together for the first time ever and also allowed the Banana Republic to rise as a regional superpower and enter the classical era of it's history.

The Classical Era

What followed was a long term period of Banana supremacy in regional micronational affairs, the creation of the office of the Prime Minister of the Banana Republic. It also was marked by countless wars, subversion and high levels of corruption. On November 12, 2012 the province of Loofta was created from the client state of the Tyan Rock Pool Kingdom led by Joe himself. Also on that day Bill Khan was elected as the first ever office of the prime minister. This was also the day when seperation of powers was used rather then the "Hierarchial Democracy" of the past. Also during November of that year the first political parties were created- the Libertarian Party and the Sasa Island Party which later became the Yoyo Party. Tyomian pro-independence movements often led to rebellions and conflicts yet again between them and the central government. These included the First Tyomian War and the Second Tyomian War. Forms of subversion such as the Bill Crisis happened frequently to infrequently in the Banana Republic. Also during this time a "modern" currency design for the Banana Dubloon replaced that of the old currency design.

The Chaos Era

This era during December 2012 in which the Banana Republic was faced with separatist movements in the Banana Republic grew significantly in strength and in power it also saw the rise the Banana Cold War between Kyom and the Banana Republic which led to a series of non-stop expansionism in the two nations. Also Bill Khan formed the Bill Nation. Tyomian separatists successfully and peacefully formed the Third Tyomian Republic along with Samonia which led to theSamonian War. After much conflict and the reunification with Samonia, Bill Country and Tyom the Banana Republic had a citizenship boom and each new citizen was given 20B worth in cash, this soon led to a shortage of actual dubloons .The Banana Republic entered a period of inactivity.

The Weakening Monarchy Era

During Febuary of 2013 the Banana Republic once again surfaced out of inactivity. This era lead to the increasing deteroration of monarchial power and the rise of democracy but also left deep political divides within the nation. After coming back from inactivity the Banana Republic was faced with the problem of extensive de-inflation which caused a large gap between the rich and the poor. This was kept partially under control by a system in which the treasury and the Bank of the Banana Republic were merged and also debt was conditionally legalized. Government backed money supply agencies were also made to evenly distribute money to Banana citizens. Soon the Pirate War broke out between the Banana Armed Forces and a militiant group who called themselves the Pirates. The pirates successfully took over a Banana Fortification after the Battle of the Pirate Ship but either switched sides or surrendered after the Battle of Fort New Parka in which the Banana Republic won the war. After that a fourth crisis broke out between Tyomian separatists and the Banana Government after Tyom once again declared it's independence from the Banana Republic. This lead to a counter-attack using a third party dubbed the Tyom Liberation Army in which later became known as The Invasion of Tyom. This quickly led to the formation of a pro-Banana Republic provisional government known as the Provisional Government of Tyom. Towards the closing of the era a militant group known as the Samians arose and challenged the Banana Republic after three battles the Samians surrendered. The conflict would later come to be known as The Samian War

The Reform Era

Shortly after the Samian War the Banana Republicans led a expedition of conquest into the Central Valley of California. They were soon challenged by pro-American protesters known as the Stevans which led to rioting in that region. Soon the Stevans declared a new state known as theMinion Republic. This soon led to a full-scale war known as the Minion War this war ended with the unification of the Banana Republic with the Minion Republic to form the Banana-Minion Republic. The Banana-Minion Republic took on the form of a dual dictatorship with a unitary power structure. The nation quickly expanded into the Sierra-Nevada Mountains in which an autonmous Roman revival regime was formed- the Republic of New Rome. But soon tensions ecalated to to co-president/dictator Steve Humbell's anti-atheist beliefs and his restriction of the Tyans rights. The first sign of resistance came when Joe Jenkins led his popular and semi-successfull Jenkin's Revolt in which complete religious equality was protect the rights of non-Christans but soon Steve did not abide by his promise and the highly secretive Joe Plot began to remove Steve from office. The final show down came on July 4, 2013 when a large naval victory by the Banana rebels led to the fall of the Banana-Minion Republic, the re-independence of the Banana Republic, the subsequent occupation of the Minion Republic by the Banana Republic and the end of the Banana Monarchy. After the conflict the Minion republic was given independence outside of the Banana held Grandma Province. They soon formed the Micronational United Nations(MUN) . Soon after that Tyomian separatists declared an area of the Grandma Province as the Ice Cream Republic, although not recognized by the Banana Republic the nation was given MUN membership during the AVP War. During the first MUN meeting a Steve's brother Jim decided to form the AVP Nation to combat the MUN. This lead to the AVP War that lead to a long, ongoing struggle. Towards the end of the era the Ice Cream Republic rejoined the Banana Republic.

The Democratization Era

During this era just after the summer long Reform Era the Banana Republic started an era of progression and increased democracy. During this time the Banana Republic started preparing for the 2013 Banana Presidential Elections in which Joe Jenkins was re-elected for another term. This also saw increased Banana Republic regional power not seen since the Classical Era. Financial problems that the Banana Republic faced during The Weakening Monarchy Era that led to economic stabibility. Their were few rebellions or acts of subversion that contributed to the Banana Republic's prosperity. And political divisions are now less steep despite the fact of two distinct "regions" in the senate.


The Banana Republic is Federal Semi-Presidential Republic comprised of various provinces. The president is the executive branch. The Banana Senate is the legislative branch. The prime minister is the judicial branch.

The Banana Senate

The Banana Senate is a unicermal legislature comprised of representatives directly elected by the province they represent. Their is one seat per "incorparated" province. The senate has the power to approve and veto bills. In the case of a veto the legislation would not pass. The Senate is currently comprised of informal "regions" that are the "Pan-Liberals" and the "Neo-conservatives". Their is currently three seats in the senate. The Yoyo Party currently comprises of one representative who leads the "Neo-Conservatives" and the Banana Libertarian Party along with one independent lead the "Pan-Liberals". Each senator serves a one year term with a limit to four consecutive terms. The Senate can also declare war, temporary occupation of foreign territory and temporary martial law, however this can be overridden with the support of the two other branches.


The executive power was originally exercised by a monarchial heirarch who went by the title of "emperor". Although after the Reform Era a democratically elected president replaced that of the emperor. The president has the power to approve and veto bills. In the case of a veto the legislation would not pass. The president also is commander of the armed forces and can declare war, temporary occupation of a foreign territory and martial law. Although if either the Banana Senate or the Prime Minister disapproves then the president will be forced to back down regardless of the situation. The president serves a one year term with a limit of four consecutive terms.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the Banana Republic is a directly elected official who exercises judicial power and in the case of a serious case will act as judge. The prime minister can approve or veto bills. In the case of a veto the legislation would not pass. He/She also oversees judicial cases and can veto court rulings and can hire/fire judges at will. He/She also observes legislation passed in local and national governments and will notify the Banana Senate if legislation is unconstitutional. The Prime Minister serves a one year term with a term limit of four consecutive terms.

Local Government


At the highest level of local government is the province. Provinces vary in types each having each a certain amount of power and responsibility here is a complete list of province types going in order from least autonomy to most autonomy.

Military District

A province jointly ruled by the Banana Central government and the Banana Armed Forces. These provinces are an incorporated into the Banana Republic integral territory but excersise no self-government and gain nothing much more then a official provincal abbreviation, flag and coat of arms and so are it's subdivisions. Military Districts are primarily created to organize and develop new Banana Republic integral territory. Here is a list of current military districts:

1. Tiger's Head- The Banana Republic lays claim to all of the mountain known to most Banana Republicans as Tiger's Head. It's current capital is Tiger's Head City and is the second largest province behind the Black Eye Province.

2. Kiente- The Banana Republic's claim to the group of local apartment buildings known as "Kiente". The capital of this province is Kiente City.

3.Greens Province- The Banana Republic's claim to a group of apartments known simply as the greens. The capital is Treeville.

4. New Louisiana- Named after the iconic American state due to it's ecosystem and climate. Located in a swampy, heavily forested region near New Parka. The capital is The Base.

5. Black Eye Province- The Banana Republic's claim to the Black Eye Galaxy. It's capital is cluster/star known simply as Alpha Star.


A province ruled directly by the Banana Government. They are elevated to a "territorry" status when at least one person resides in their territory and with senate approval.

1. Capital District- The capital City/Province and second largest city in the Banana Republic. Was the first province formed and has always remained a district.

2. Tiger's Head- Currently the second largest province, Tiger's Head province also reaches the highest altitude of any Banana Province. The capital is Tiger's Head City.


A territory is a province with a functional provincal government yet no representation in the Banana Senate. Although, do to population constraints only one or two persons can carry out the duties of the entire government allowing some to have more then one governmental position. They must have at least have three people, the approval of the senate and a majority vote in favor in order to be intergrated as a full province.

1. Grandma Province- A jointly held territory with the Minion Republic located on the outskirts of Stockton, California. The capital is Brickley.

2. Redwood Province- A province located in the forests near Felton, California. The capital is Redwood City(Banana Republic).


Provinces have complete self government yet like territories still obey national laws. They also have senatorial representation and are represented by one senator elected on election day. They must have a majority vote, and the senate's approval in order to be intergrated as dependencies.

1. Yoyo Province- Similiar to Capital District Yoyo Province is comprised soley of one city, Duesha. Duesha is also the capital city.

2. Loofta- A province based along the rivers Beil major and Beil minor. The capital is Harborport.

3.New Parka- One of the earliest provinces located outside the Old Provinces area of the Banana Republic. The captital is New Rock City.


Dependencies are devoved consituencies of the Banana Republic. Although not an integral part of the Banana Republic's territory, nor with any senate represenation they are only subject to Basic Law. They must have a two-thirds majority and the government's approval to be intergrated as protectetrates.

1. Mousey Islands- An arpicelego and planned resort destination. The capital is yet to be determined.


A generally contracted devolution of the Banana Republic. They are completely self-governing yet are under the protection of the Banana Armed Forces and all foreign relations are handled by the Banana Republic. There are currently no Protectetrates.


The Banana Republic is currently under large infastructure developments including the building of a power grid and watering system. However, most infastructure is provided(at the moment) by the government of Hong Kong.


The transportation infastructure in the Banana Republic is very well built up with most transport being provided by the Banana Federal Corporation.


The primary bus service on the mainland Banana Republic is the New Parka Bus, serving most provinces their. Regional bus and coach services are found in Grandma Province in the form of the Grandma Province Bus and the Transbus corporation providing services their.


Currently the only rail transportation found in the Banana Republic is the New Parka Sight Seeing Railway. However, plans are underway for a Trans Province Rapid Railway which will provide services to the old provinces, with an even more ambitious plan being the Grandma Province Commuter Railway.


The Banana Republic's calm, deep waters along with it's expansive coastline make it an ideal hub for sea trade. Plans are underway to construct ore purchase boats to create the framework for a trade and passenger network both in and out of the country's borders.


Although the most ambitious project the plans for a Banana Airlines is underway, bringing cheap, easy access to inaccessable and attractive areas of the country's such as the Mousey Islands and Harborport.


Currently, most if not all utilities are provided by the Hong Kong government. However, projects are underway, including the Capital District Solar Power Grid and the Tele Water Treatment Facility to localize and make independent the Banana Utilities sector.

Agriculture and Industries

Since at least the year 2013 the Banana Republic has been working towards creating a larger industrial sector and promoting industries to move there. While reforms have been slow it has fostered a spirit of growth among the Banana Republic's corporations. Agriculture was preminent until at least 2014 when the Banana Republic's agricltural center, grandma province relocated. It has been debated wheater or not to promote urban farming but any move has not been put into action do to circumstancesbeyond the governments control.


Tourism is a fledging new industry and has been promoted through the creation of national parks denoting to areas of the country tourists would find attractive. Work has been put into the creation of hotels and resorts, the most ambitious project being the Mousey Islands Resort which would involve the land reclamation of one of the islets. Tour services, as of November 22, 2014 have been reformed into one tourist service that instead of visiting several places of natural and cultural interest focus as done before instead on the major possible destinations.


The economy of the Banana Republic is under the constant effort of the Banana Republic to establish itself as a strong and recognizable national economy. Efforts include the creation and subsidising of industries and the promotion of the national currency, the Banana Dubloon. However, efforts are met with a lack of both technical and human resources and cause stagnation within the economy.The Banana Stock Exhange is currently set up to further promote economic growth and interest.


Although heavily influenced by American Pop Culture there is currently effort being provided by the governemnt and the Banana Geographical Society to create and maintain a diverse and unique national culture. There is currently one regional culture the Tyan Culture.


Although the de facto language of the Banana Republic is English the Costalian Language is currently under active development in hopes of bringing together a common tongue for all Banana Republicans. The Tyomian Language is also under development as an attempt for greater regional identity for the Tyan Culture. The language Interlingua is also promoted by the government as a unifying language for both the Banana Sector and the international community.


The second largest factor of the Banana culture is it's cuisine. Continetal Costalian is the contemprary cuisine of the Banana Republic resembling a Eurasian cuisine. A notable example of the costalian cuisine is the Pasta and Sausage dish whch is the national dish. The Tyan cuisine is another eurasian cuisine used by the Tyans.

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