Minion Republic

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The Minion Republic originated from the various riots,protests and ambush's organized by the Jacobians against the Banana Republic occupation of the Grandma Province. The protests soon evolved into full scale war as the Banana-Minion War was waged as the Jacobians declared their own independence, claiming the entire Grandma Province as their own territory and Mary Rosegarden as their monarch. Eventually after Mary Rosegarden "Grandma" declared that she was not interested in obtaining the position of monarch of the Minion Republic and both sides declaring they were unwilling to engage in the war any longer both sides declared their unification into the Banana-Minion Republic, unifying the two countries together. However, internal resistance eventually led to the Banana War of Re-Independence which resulted in the collapsation of the Banana-Minion Republic.The two nations then formed the Micronational United Nations which was soon challenged by the AVP Nation resulting in the AVP War. After the end of the war the Minion Republic was primarily inactive until the next summer. That summer saw the build up of tensions over a long-standing argument over which country controlled Grandma Province. This soon led to the declaration of the province as a gointly heald territory of both nations.

Foreign Relations

The Minion Republic is generally classified by the MUN as a great power. This owes to the Minion Republic's large military strength and influence over Banana Sector politics. It is a founding member of the