Azami Tokenawa

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Her Imperial Majesty Empress of the Greater Shurigawan Empire and Colonies
Empress of Shurigawa
Reign27 Febuary 2015 – present
Coronation1 March 2015
Prime MinisterToshiko
Born29 December 1998 (1998-12-29) (age 24)
Temple name
Azami Yosei Hamamoto
DynastyHouse of Hamamoto

Azami (Japanese: アザミ), is the reigning Empress of Greater Shurigawan Empire, the 4th monarch of her line according to Shurigawa's order of succession, Empress Azami is the second female monarch of Shurigawa. She is a constitutional monarch, therefore her power as Empress is very limited. Azami is known to be the "ヘモト セスジ" (Hemoto Kensij) with means "Ghost Empress" or the "Trutnova Empress", she is known to be very inactive in the country with makes de facto the Control Clique control the nation Azami as Empress is very arrogant.

Foreign honours

Country Badge/Ribbon Awards
Kingdom of Haồ Trầng Order of the Dragons