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Not to be confused with Australia.
The Federation of the Avztralian Republic
Motto: We thrive, we live. Let us unite!
Anthem: None
Formerly Republic of Avztral
Territorial Claims
Territorial Claims
CapitalAvztralia Capital City
Largest cityBahra
Official languagesEnglish, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Hokkien, Avztralian, Indonesian, Guangdong, Hakka
GovernmentCentral Government of Avztralia
• King
King Lim I
Establishment1 December 2019
• Census
CurrencyMalaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Time zoneGMT+8

Avztralia, officially The Federation of the Avztralian Republic, known also as Avztral, is a sovereign microstate in Malaysia , more commonly referred to as a micronation by outsiders. The nation is ruled by King Lim I, or Lim1345 as of January 2020.

Avztralia has no parliament, but they will have to pay the tax fee of 414 AV$ (which is approximately $50 USD) per year.

Avzstralia is recognised by the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland.


The name Avztralia comes from two cities and a moon who King Lim I likes, which is Avzerik, Tralee and Iapetus. He slammed the AvZtRalIa, which became:Avztralia.


Map of territorial claims in Kuala Lumpur.


Avztralia was initially established as the Avztral at first. Years later, they found out that a band already had that name, so it was eventually renamed to Avztralia.

Land of the Avztralians.

Politics and government

Avztralia is a semi-democracy, which means it has democratic and authoritarian features. It is also a king state.

Political parties

Avztralia has 4 political parties. The nation's parties and legislature are still in formation.

Far-left Left-wing Centre-left Centre Centre-right Right-wing Far-right
Avztralian National Party
Federation of Avztralia Party
Federal Party
Party of the Federation of the Avztralian Republic

Smaller parties

Smaller parties also exist, however, they are unlikely to win any seats via elections.

Party Ideology Political position
Mahsa Party Mahsa Border Dispute
Agriculting Mahsa
Federal Party of the KL Avztralians Recgo
National Party Nationalism Right-wing

Mahsa Party

A left-wing political party which wants to settle the Mahsa Border Dispute and let Mahsa [[Agriculturing Mahsa|to be planted with agricultures such as fruits and veggies.

Federal Party of the KL Avztralians

A centrist political party that helps Avztralia to be recgonized by other micronations.

National Party

The centrist Nationalist Party believes in nationalism.

Former parties

These parties are officially dissolved/banned.

Ngri Communist Party

A left-wing political party which believes in communism. It was banned after a day when it was created; 31 March 2020.

Bahran Party

This party wants to let people to live in Bahra as soon as possible. But, they ran out of money and collapsed at 4 May 2021.

Foreign relations

Avztralia is seldom recognised by no micronations outside its legislature. However, it hopes to be recognised by the Republic of Cubia and the Timonoucite Empire . However, it recognises a few nations.

Hostilities Recognised by Recognises Does not recognise
TimonoucitilandTimonoucite Empire