Austenasian Civil War Intervention Medal

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Austenasian Civil War Intervention Medal
(New Europe) Austenasian Civil War medal.png
Awarded by New Europe
TypeService medal
EligibilityMarch 7–May 24, 2010
Awarded forService in the Austenasian Civil War
First awarded2011
Last awarded2012
Total awarded6
Wilhelm of New Europe
Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia
(New Europe) Austenasian Civil War ribbon.png
(New Europe) Austenasian Civil War ribbon with clasp.png
Ribbon with a bronze A

The Austenasian Civil War Intervention Medal is a military award of the Armed Forces of New Europe which was created by the Imperial Government in 2011. The award recognizes those domestic and foreign military service members who performed service in the Austenasian Civil War from March 7 to May 24, 2010.


To receive the Austenasian Civil War Intervention Medal, a New European service member or an allied service member must have been assigned to a military duty for 15 or more days, in support of one of Emperor Esmond III

This medal is awarded to individuals who participated in the war on the loyalist side. However foreign recipients in Austenasia are authorized to display a bronze A on their award to indicate direct or combat action in the conflict.


The medal is circular, 32 millimetres (1.3 in) in diameter, made of bronze metal. On the obverse at the bottom is the year 2010 in reference to the year the war took place. The central design depicts a royal crown, the campaign's primary objective was to determine the legitimate monarch of Austenasia. The ribbon is yellow and red in the design of the Austenasian national flag. The award is worn on a ribbon on the left side of chest.

Service and battle stars

Only one award of this medal may be authorized for any individual, therefore, no service stars are prescribed.

Qualifying circumstances allow a bronze A in place of battle stars are applicable for personnel who were engaged in combat against the enemy.