Ashukov Football Union

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Ashukov Football Union
Association crest
HeadquartersAgiopolis, Mouzilo
PresidentEmmanuel Tsompanoglou

The Ashukov Football Union (Ashukov: Ашуковски Футбалски Союз), abbreviated AFS due to the romanization of its initials in Cyrillic, is the governing body of association football in the Ashukov Federation. The AFS also organizes several tournaments, such as the Ashukov Federal Eurocup, but also the national team which represents the Federation in international competitions.

The AFS is based in Agiopolis, Mouzilo, and is headed by Emmanuel Tsompanoglou.


The AFU organizes several football competitions both virtual and physical. These are:

National Teams

  • Ashukov national football team
  • Ashukov virtual national football team