Ashukov Federal Eurocup

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2016 Ashukov Federal Eurocup
Logo of the 2016 Eurocup, to take place in Budapest
Tournament details
Host countryHungary
DatesAugust 2016
Venue(s)1 (possibly) (in 1 host city)

The Ashukov Federal Eurocup, abbreviated AFE, will be the first physical tournament of AFU and the first one of its series. It is scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary in August 2016. So far only two Ashukov teams have confirmed participation, Mouzilo and Akharnes.


Date Time (CET) Team #1 Result Team #2 Attendance
TBD TBD MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo v Akharnes flag.pngAkharnes