Arthur I of New Avalonia

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Arthur I
King of New Avalonia
Reign1 April 2009 – present
Coronation1 April 2009
Born England
Arthur John Joseph Noah Gamhain
FatherPrince Patrick
MotherQueen Mary

Arthur I of New Avalonia (Arthur John Joseph Noah Gamhain) is the current and only High King of the United Free Kingdom of New Avalonia, having ruled since it's founding on April 1 2009. He is also the King of the Royal Kingdom of Karan, one of the two founding constituents of New Avalonia. He is the leader of the Royal House of Gamhain. His full title is as follows:
His Royal Majesty, by the Grace of His Gods, the High King Arthur of the Free United Kingdom of New Avalonia, Protector of Avalon, King of All Karan, Wise Ruler of His People, Eteranal Guardian of the Throne