Army of Mangolia

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Esercito di Mangolia IT
Army of Mangolia EN
Established 10 March 2018
Country Repubblica di Mangolia
Previous engagements None
Current engagements War with Republic of Lanzantonia, People's Republic of Phokland, Principality of Gleichenberg
Commanders-in-chief Giuseppe
General Officer Reserved
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel Reserved
Standard weapon Reserved
Standard vehicles Reserved

The Army of Mangolia is the land warfare branch of the Armed Forces of Mangolia, the national military of the Repubblica di Mangolia.
The Army of Hashima, as well as all the Armed Forces of Mangolia, has been founded on 10 March 2018, since the creation of the Repubblica Federale di Mangolia


Mangolian Peace Treaty

On April 18, 2018, King Charles I of the Principality of Phokland attempted to ratify a peace treaty with Mangolia. However, there has been no responce from Mangolia's part.