Armeniers ruble

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Armeniers Rouble
Official User(s) 20px Socialist Republic of Armeniers
Symbol P or AP (P for Rouble)
Plural Armeniers Rouble or Armeniers Roubles
Denominations Coins: 1/0,5/0,2.

Banknotes: 5

Central Bank Central Bank of SRA
Printer Central Bank of SRA

The Armeniers Rouble is the official currency of the Socialist Republic of Armeniers and it is managed by the Central Bank of SRA. The current director of the central bank is Leviaten.


The coins are in preparation and will soon be available to exchange


The bank notes are not yet planned, because the economy is not currently sufficient economic power to afford to produce. But once the headquarters of the National Bank is completed, it is possible that printing their tickets done quickly