Armed Forces of Hrafnarfjall

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Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Hrafnfjall
Established 1 June 2018
Country Kingdom of Hrafnfjall
Service Branches 25px Hrafnfjallian Army
-- Royal Guard
--25px Hrafnfjallian Army Air Corps
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Commander in Chief
HRM King Thomas I

Secretary of Defence
Mr Michael Kilbey

Commander of the Hrafnarfjallian Armed Forces
Marshal Don Whitehead
General information
Headquarters No Official Headquarters
Active/Reserve personnel 2/1

The Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Hrafnfjall (HAF) are the national military of the Kingdom of Hrafnfjall. The HAF were founded in June 2018, with the establishment of Royal Guard and Hrafnfjallian Army. The Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Hrafnfjall are overseen and funded by the Secretariat of Defense, and directed by the Marshal of the Armed Forces, both in peace and wartime.. The King of Hrafnfjall holds the position of commander-in-chief, which is primarily a Ceremonial position, but he consults on all decisions, including General Officer promotions with the Marshal of the Army and the Secretary of Defence. At Present, due to its size, the Hrafnarfjallian Armed forces has one branch, the Hrafnarfjallian Army, which currently houses the Hrafnarfjallian Regiment of Guards, and the Army Air Force.

The Kingdom hopes to expand their forces and launch a Naval Force in due time.

Leadership of the Armed Forces of Hrafnfjall

Ranks of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Hrafnfjall

Rank Code Rank Name (Army/Royal Guard) Rank Patch (Army) Rank Patch (Royal Guard)
Enlisted Ranks
E-1 Private (HA)/Guardsman (RG)
E-2 Lance Corporal
E-3 Corporal
E-4 Sergeant
E-5 Staff Sergeant (HA)/Colour Sergeant (RG)
E-6 Warrant Officer 2nd Class
E-7 Warrant Officer 1st Class
Officer Ranks
UO Under Officer
OFC Officer Cadet
O-1 2nd Lieutenant
O-2 1st Lieutenant
O-3 Captain
O-4 Major
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel
O-6 Colonel
General Ranks
O-7 Brigadier General
O-8 Major General
O-9 Lieutenant General
O-10 General
O-11 Marshal

Hrafnfjallian Army

The Hrafnfjallian Army was founded on 1 June 2018 and currently has the following branches; Guards, Infantry, Cavalry and the Army Air Corps. It was reformed on the 5 June 2019 by His Royal Majesty, King Thomas I to develop it to better suit Hrafnarfjall's current needs.

Officers of the Hrafnfjallian Army

Units of the Hrafnarfjallian Army

Royal Regiment of Guards

The Royal Regiment of Guards was founded on 1 June 2018 and is lead by HRM King Thomas I at present.

Officers of the Royal Regiment of Guards
Hrafnarfjall Royal Regiment of Guards Disposition
Patch Name Formed Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Hrafnarfjall Royal Regiment of Guards June 2018 (Interim) His Royal Majesty, King Thomas I VACANT

Hrafnarfjallian Infantry Corps


Hrafnarfjallian Cavalry


Hrafnarfjall Army Air Corps


Hrafnfjallian Foreign Legion