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Hrafnarfjallian culture is the pattern of human activity and symbolism associated with the culture of Hrafnarfjall and its people. It is a primarily North American culture, however, as its Heads of State are Norse Pagan, the culture has been heavily influenced by that of the Old Norse periods where practical. The culture of Hrafnarfjall is extremely varied, being influenced by all peoples bringing their various cultures to Hrafnarfjall.


The primary language spoken in Hrafnarfjall is English, which is used for everyday interactions in Hrafnarfjall. On occasion, Old Norse may be used for formal occasions.


There is currently no anthem.

Media and Broadcasting

Hrafnarfjall Hearthside is a historical and cultural Podcast produced by the King and Queen. The Norse Myths for Kids has retold many of the old stories since 2017, and can be additionally viewed on the facebook page Hrafnarfjall Hearthside. Short stories are also published and released on Hrafnarfjall Hearthside, as well as Kvasir Publishing House. A newspaper , Hrafnarfjall Times, is pending release.


Hrafnarfjall's Heads of State are practicing Norse Pagans, and this has heavily influenced Hrafnarfjall's development and design. Freedom of religion and acceptance of religious practice are guaranteed in Hrafnarfjall's Constitution. Therefore, while offically Hrafnarfjall observes Norse Pagan blots as below, other holy days may be observed within Hrafnarfjall and religous accomodation provided to observe all holy days of the practices observed by Hrafnarfjallian citizens. No requirement to convert to any religion is permitted in Hrafnarfjall.

Public Holidays

The Heads of State observe the below holidays:

  • Yule - Approximately January 21 through January 24
  • Sigurblot - Approximately of April 19 into April 20. First Night of Summer and a major holiday.
  • Winter Nights - October 13 through October 17. The start of Winter.
  • Alfablot - Night of November 12.

The basis for the blots are as follows: The Ynglinga Saga (chapter 8) and Heimskringla, the saga of Hakon the Good, section 15. Note that the Norse holidays are lunar based.

While the heads of state follow the above holidays, this is not a full list of holidays observed within Hrafnarfjall due to the varying religious practices followed by its citizens.