Aqua Empire

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Imperial Empire of the Aqua Lands
Imperators Imperators Sarzamin Hai Aqua (Latin Persian)
Aqua Empire
Coat of arms of Aqua Empire
Coat of arms
Anthem: Keshore Buzrag Man! (Latin Persian)
"My Great Country!"
Royal anthem: Zandeh Baad Imperator Imparatur! (Latin Persian)
"Long live the Imperial Emperor"
Territory it controls (black) & Territory it claims (blue)
Territory it controls (black) & Territory it claims (blue)
and largest city
Official languagesLatin Persian
Baqiya (official)
GovernmentFederal theocratic parliamentary absolute monarchy under a Adriatic dictatorship
• Emperor
Adrian I
• President
Imran Tirmizi (de facto)
None (de jure)
The Prime Minister (real name unknown)
JB (real name unknown)
LegislatureNational Assembly of the Empire
• Estimate
CurrencyBaqiya'i rial
Time zonePST (UTC-7:26)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44 117 & +1000

The Imperial Empire of the Aqua Lands, most commonly and preferred to be known as the Aqua Empire, is a British micronation which got it's independence on the 31 May 2022. It was founded by its Emperor Adrian I, The country has a de facto President Imran Tirmizi. It was abolished on the 1 June due to the Shahrawon Bombings and the arrest of Omar, Crown Prince of the Aqua Empire. It was succeeded by the Baqiya'i Federation with Adrian I as its Emperor. It would after be succeeded by the Etrician Federal Republic due to the Etrician Revolution a month later.