Adrian I, Holy Byzantine Emperor

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Adrian the Great
His Imperial Majesty
Official State Portrait of Holy Byzantine Emperor, Adrian the Great.jpeg
Official State Portrait of Adrian the Great, 2022
Holy Byzantine Emperor, King of the Holy Land, Autocrat of the Romans, Shah of Iran & Supreme Ruler of Europe
Reign1 August 2020 - present
Coronation2 August 2022
PredecessorDevin IV (2019)
Parsa I Shah (as Shah of Greater Iran)
Heir apparentAdrian, Heres of Byzantium
DeputyIssac Peterdale
Constantine Stefanos
Prime Minister of the Holy Byzantine Empire
Term8 May 2017 - 19 August 2020
Predecessor"Office established"
SuccessorIssac Peterdale (as Deputy)
John I
Devin IV
President of Akiria
Reign21 September 2015 - 8 May 2017
PredecessorJack Wilson
Successor"Country split"
Bahareh (as Holy Byzantine Empress)
Steve I (as Tsar of Ampu)
"Akirian Government-in-exile":
John Pond
King of Orthodoxa
Reign2 August 2022 - present
Proclaimation1 August 2022
PredecessorAlexei I
IssueAdrian, Heres of Byzantium
HouseBahrami (until 2017)
House of Christus (2017-2020)
Palaiologos-Bahrami (from 2020)
FatherHassan Bahrami
MotherSaint Bahareh of Byzantium

Adrian I, IV, II & XII (born 23 October 2002; Latin: Hadrianus I, IV, II & XII), or the Great (Magni), is the current Holy Byzantine Emperor, King of the Holy Land, Autocrat of the Romans, Shah of Iran & Supreme Ruler of Europe since August 2020. He held other offices such as the Prime Minister of Byzantinum (2017-2020), President of Akiria (2015-2017) and King of Orthodoxa (2 August 2022 - present).

House of Palaiologos-Bahrami & the House of Christus
Coat of Arms of House of Palaiolgos-Bahrami

Early life

Adrian Bahrami was born on 23 October 2002 in Cardiff. He was born to Hassan Bahrami and Bahareh Mehrabi, who were immigrants from Iran but came for different reasons, Bahareh came with her sister to have a free life due to Iran's strict woman's rights and Hassan moved for buisness. The family moved to Bristol three months after Adrian's birth. When Adrian was 3, his sister Isla was born and a year later, his parents divorced. When Adrian was 11, he with his friends established the Republic of Akiria in 2013. He was the country's President from 2015 to 2017.

The Holy Byzantine Empire & Reign

After the establishment of the HBE, Adrian was the Prime Minister of the Holy Byzantine Empire during the reign of his mother, Holy Byzantine Empress Bahareh whom he crowned Empress. He led the Holy Party during his term

He was still lived in his residence under house arrest. A few months later, the Byzantine Restoration started and Adrian claimed the self-proclaimed title, Emperor and Prophet of the Byzantine People. His movement won and restored the Byzantine Empire or the Holy Byzantinum Empire and crowned himself the Holy Byzantine Emperor, King of the Holy Land, Autocrat of the Romans, Shah of Iran & Greater Iran, & Supreme Ruler of Europe. He created the Byzantine Church and appointed his Deputy. The first deputy was Issac Peterdale, who was kidnapped by James Idarine, the Representative of the Byzantine Peoples Republic, who got arrested for life a few days later for kidnapping and attempting to murder a politician. James was in court and was found guilty for treason and was exiled. In January 2021, Adrian married Katherine Amberdale, his girlfriend who is a parental descendent of Queen Victoria.

Issac "retired" as Deputy and Adrian appointed Constantine Stefanos as the new Deputy, a member and Chief of the People of God. Adrian later supported Ukraine due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict. Adrian offered to send soldiers to go to Ukraine but nobody cared so Adrian just supported Ukraine and demanded prayers for all the people in countries that are suffering. Adrian announced him and Katherine had a son, Adrian, Heres of Byzantium, the new heir. Since Alexei I, Adrian's brother-in-law abdicated due to the 1st Orthodox Crusade when the Imperial Guards along with the HBHC marched to Rus and took over the city and Adrian became King of Orthodoxa. On 13 August, the Emperor announced him abdicating by the 16th of August and will make the Leader of the BCP, Ian Boggs the new Emperor along with Adrian's newborn son. After recovering in October, he decided not to abdicate.

Private life

Adrian lives with his mother, sister, son, wife and his cats at 1 Imperial Avenue in Deiurbs.

Titles, styles, arms & honours

Titles and Styles

  • 23 October 2002 - 21 September 2013: Adrian Bahrami
  • 8 May 2019 - 21 September 2019: His Excellency, Adrian Bahrami
  • 8 May 2017 - 25 January 2018: The Right Honourable, His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Adrian Christus
  • 25 January 2018 - 3 December 2019: The Right Honourable, Prime Minister Adrian Christus
  • 3 December 2019 - 26 July 2020: Adrian Moqadas Bahrami
  • 26 July 2020 - present: HIM Holy Byzantine Emperor Adrian I

Full Style

His Imperial Majesty Adrian I, By the Grace of God Fateful Holy Byzantine Emperor and King of the Holy Land, Autocrat of the Romans, Shah of Iran & Greater Iran, Supreme Ruler of Europe, Founding Father of the Holy Byzantium Empire, Tsar of Russia and all Rus, Faithful Commander of England, Prime Minister of the Holy Byzantine Empire, Duke of Bristol, Normandy, Voviode of Grove End, King of Orthodoxa and the Holy Roman Emperor.


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