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The Empire of Vyomania has two anthems- 'Anthem of Vyomania' and 'Jana Gana Mana'. The Anthem of Vyomania was made by Maharaja Mohak I. The Anthem was called 'We are Vyomanians!' but the name was later changed to 'Anthem of Vyomania'. It's written in Hindi, English and will be written in Vyomani. Jana Gana Mana is also the national anthem of India, where Vyomania is situated. The anthems are played at National events like on Independence day.

Lyrics of Anthem of Vyomania

Lyrics of the anthem-

व्योमनिस्थान का राज सालो तक चलेगा,

व्योमनिस्थान का झंडा हर मौसम में लहराएगा,

इस राज्य का झंडा हमेशा लहराएगा,

हर व्योमणी हमेशा इस धरती के प्रति वफादार रहेगा।

उगेंगे हिरे मोती हमेशा इस धरती पर,

इस सच्ची, प्यारी, और आज़ाद धरती पर।

रॉकेट की आवाजे, आवाज शंख की,

जीत की ये आवाजे दुश्मनों को डराएगी,

हम साब शान से सिर उठाते रहेंगे,

जय हे, जय हे, जय जय जय जय हे!

Lyrics of the English version of the anthem-

Vyomanistan will have a happy reign,

Vyomanian flag will wave in all weather,

The flag will wave of this nation sovereign,

We will always be loyal to this mother.

Golden fruits will grow on freedom-loving tree,

On this land of true, and loving, and free.

The sounds of rockets, the sound of conch,

The sounds of victory will make enemies flinch,

We will keep raising our heads proudly,

Victory, Victory, Victory to thee!

Jana Gana Mana

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