Alberto Kanost

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Alberto Kanost
Signing the Fundus Proposal, April 2011
1st Governor of New Polis
Assumed office
April 1st, 2011
Delegate to North American Nations
Assumed office
May 26, 2011
2nd Vice President of Richland
Assumed office
February 14, 2010
Predecessor Max Medreck
Successor Julian Frapoli
Personal information
Born 11 June 1997 (1997-06-11) (age 25)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Citizenship Richlantic
Nationality American
Political party Popular Party of Richland
Residence New Polis, Richland
Religion Christan

Alberto Kanost (born June 10, 1997) is the current governor of State of New Polis and Delegate of North American Nations. Alberto Kanost started his political career by becoming Vice President. He and the President wrote Richland first unofficial document about the countries communist ideas. After two months He was impeached for inactivity. After a three month period out of the political sphere Alberto Kanost requested to start a state he named it New Polis after the Capital, Polis. The President and Prime Minister immediately went to help develop the state. Alberto set up a lounge named the Officers Lounge and Started The People's Bank of Richland. He received a promotion in June 2011 to command the 1st Spud Battery, an artillery unit using Spud Cannons.