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Province of Alberta
Nickname(s): "Wild Rose Country"
Motto: Fortis et liber
Country Flag of West Canada.svg Dominion of West Canada
Founder Anthony Henday
Capital Edmonton
Population (March 20th 2021)
 - Total 12 (West Canada)
Demonym Albertan
Time zone Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Alberta is one of Six Provinces of the Dominion of West Canada, it is the Seat of Government, being the home of the nation's capitol Shawsburg. When the Dominion of West Canada was founded the Province of Alberta was split in two between Grande Prairie and Alberta proper, the split taking place upon the border of the North Saskatchewan River. The Province of Alberta is made up of mostly Prairie with some more slightly hilly Grassland around Edmonton, and the Rockies taking up a bit of land on the British Columbia Border.


Flag County
Shawsburg.png Shawsburg
Bullsden.png Bullsden
Etzikom.png Etzikom
Flag of Edmonton.svg Edmonton