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AF TV (gr.:Τηλεοπτικο Καναλι Ενοπλων Δυναμεων,ΤΗ.Κ.Ε.Δ.), is a Saint Christophorian TV channel.


At May 2016,some weeks after the creation of SC TV, the then leader of the St Christophorian Communist Party, Elias Makropoulos, wake a proposal to President Triantafyllos, about the establisment of an army-run TV channel. Two weeks after that,the President shaw that this idea was very popular among his soldiers.So,at the 10th of June, AF TV (known at the time as "Τ.Ε.Δ." which means "Armed Forces Television"), was born.


The Ministry of War and Defence, controls completely the channel and its programm.