Communist Party (St Christopher)

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Commuinst Party of St Christopher
FoundedMarch 2016 (2016-03)
  • Marxist
  • Neo-commuinst
  • Liberal adolescentist

The Communist Party of St Christopher (Greek:Κομμουνιστικο Κομμα Αγιου Χριστοφορου/Κ.Κ.Α.Χ.), is a political party of St Christopher, founded by Elias Makropoulos in March 2016.


The Communist Party was founded originally as the Marxist Union of Students (gr.:Μαρξιστικη Ενωση Μαθητων) in mid-March of 2016. Its name was changed to the Communist Party after being accepted by King Anasatsios I.


March 2016-June 2016:Elias Makropoulos

July 2016-now: Unknown

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