2020 Empire Tournament

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2020 Empire Tournament
Tournament information
LocationTrenton, Ontario, Canada
Course(s)Trenton Golf Club
Length2,695 yards (2,464 m)
Month playedMay
Final champion
Baustralia King John I

The 2020 Empire Tournament was a golf tournament played against member states of the Baustralian Empire. Taking place in May 2020, it was cut short by restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The only game played was between the Empire of Ostreum and the Kingdom of Baustralia, represented by the Lord Governor and Viceroy of Ostreum the Duke of London, and King John I respectively. The King won for Baustralia by a difference of 8 strokes.

A game was planned with Lord Governor and representative of Wangatangia, Lord Mayjames, but was never played.


John I, King
Duke of London, Lord Governor
Lord Mayjames, Lord Governor
Oliver Doig, former Secretary of State

The Baustralian Antarctic Territory, Fox Islands, and the Île aux Couleuvres did not submit a representative.