2019 United Republics provisional government presidential election

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2019 United Republics Provisional government presidential election
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  Evan J Callies.jpg Gidget Callies.jpg
Nominee Evan Callies Gidget Callies
Party Independent Independent
Home state Oakland Republic Oakland Republic
Popular vote 6 3
Percentage 66.6% 33.3%

President before election

Evan Callies

Elected President

Evan Callies

The 2019 United Republics Provisional government presidential election was a presidential election undertaken on November 17th by the Provisional United Republics of Michigan Government to elect the President of the provisional government


Following The independence of the United Republics. The Provisional Government Was drafting the Constitution and decided to hold an election for the position of provisional president. Without a constitution the provisional government decided the election was open to all citizens. The only two candidates nominated Where Gidget Callies and incumbent Provisional president Evan Callies.


The Election ended with Evan Callies ending victorious with 6 votes. Gidget Callies came in second place with 3 votes.