2012 SVF Cup

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2012 SVF Cup
Country DES Senya
Aspergic Empire of Dian

The 2012 SVF Cup (also known as the 2012 SVF Cup sponsored by Visit Woking, Albertus Magnus Verlags-UGaA and Special Administrative Region of Trinitagua) is the second season of the SVF Cup, after its inception in 2010. Participation rose from 40 clubs in 2010 to 110 clubs for this season. The winning club will qualify for the 2012 MFA Virtual Champions League. The competition began on 22 January 2012 and is scheduled to finish on 19 February 2012. A schedule and bracket containing teams and fixtures were released on the opening day of the tournament.[1]

Media Coverage

For the first time ever, selected matches from each round will be broadcasted on SenyaTV. The first match to do so was the Second Round tie between Wensum Valley and Pyongyang 69'ers.

Round SenyaTV
First Round none
Second Round Wensum Valley v Pyongyang 69'ers
Third Round none
Fourth Round
3rd Place Playoff