1st Vätersflachland Defence Regiment

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1st Vätersflachland Defence Regiment
Regimental Flag
Active(September 11th, 2020 - Present)
AllegianceWohlstand Vereinigung
BranchWohlstander Staatsheer
TypeInfantry Regiment
RoleDefence of Vätersflachland
WeaponsBlunt weaponry
EngagementsTungsten-MACP War
KingConnor Shaw

The 1st Vätersflachland Defence Regiment is an infantry regiment within the Wohlstander Staatsheer. It was established on September 11, 2020, under the name "Jehovah 1st Brigade". The Regiment serves to defend Vätersflachland, and Wohlstand as a whole. So far, they have no combat experience, and are generally regarded as somewhat weak.