1st Imperial Foot Guards Regiment

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1st Foot Guards
NAC Imperial Guard flag.png
Banner of the regiment
Active 2009–present
Country Flagv3.png New Europe
North American Union flag.png North American Confederation
Allegiance William I
Branch North American Army
Type Foot Guards
Role Drill, ceremonial and guarding and security duties
Motto "Semper talis" (Latin)
"Always the same/great"
Engagements Forestbrook
Battle of the Brook
Ceremonial chief William I
Current commander Field Marshal Friedrich Albrecht
Matthew I of South Carolina

The 1st Imperial Foot Guards Regiment is a military unit of New Europe's Imperial Army. It has been mobilized for every conflict New Europe has been in, and seen combat.

Formation and History

The 1st imperial foot guards regiment is one of the elite regiments of Imperial Guard of New Europe. It served from initial founding of the New European Empire, and continues to serve to this day as a part of the Imperial Army. The regiment is also part of the official bodyguard of the Kaiser. It has served with distinction in all the armed conflicts in New Europe's history. It has also been cited for gallantry by the Kaiser. 


  • The second formally established military unit of New Europe.
  • Is alone of all the Army's regiments to be awarded The Wilhelm's Heart Award.
  • Was the unit that "held the line" (quote from King Matthew) at the Battle of Forrestbrook.
  • Is the official Leibstandarte of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

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