0th Parliament of Sademaara

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The 0th Parliament of Sademaara is the current government of the Crown Dependency of Sademaara, and has been in office since November 17, 2017. The parliament is not officially counted as the 1st Parliament, as it serves as an interim government until elections can be held.



Flag Act 2017

The flag of Sademaara.
The flag of Sademaara.

Passed 3-0. Royal Assent recieved on November 20, 2017.

  1. The Flag of Sademaara is to be a purple and white pale, with two five-pointed purple stars in the centre, as shown in the image to the right.[1]

Parliament Act 2017

Passed 3-0. Royal Assent recieved on November 27, 2017.

  1. The Parliament of Sademaara will consist of three people, elected through a full preferential voting system.
  2. Only those over the age of fifteen years will be able to stand for, and vote in, elections.
  3. All Members of Parliament are free to propose legislation, and revisions to existing legislation.
  4. One Member of Parliament will be selected, by the Abeldane Emperor, to be the Governor, and will be required to report legislation to the Emperor before it is granted assent.

Citizenship Act 2017

Passed 3-0. Royal Assent TBD. To encourage growth and active citizenship in Sademaara,

  1. Sademaarans can only hold citizenship in two other micronations, and
  2. Sademaarans cannot be a member of the Government in a foreign nation.
  1. The original legislation reads 'in the following image', which was useful in the Discord server the act was introduced in, but the legislation has been changed for readability on a MicroWiki page.