Parliament of Sademaara

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Parliament of Sademaara
0th Parliament[1]
Term limits
FoundedNovember 17, 2017
Stephen I & II
since November 17, 2017
Nick Fredriksson
since November 17, 2017
Full preferential vote
Last election
Next election
Meeting place
Sademaaran Discord server

The Parliament of Sademaara serves as the legislation for the Crown Dependency of Sademaara, a region of the Abeldane Empire. The three-person legislation is selected by a full preferential vote of Sademaaran citizens, with one citizen then being selected as a Governor by the Abeldane Emperor.


No. Name Description Governor 2nd MP 3rd MP Royal Assent Date
0th Parliament (November 17, 2017-)
Members of Parliament Nick Fredriksson Sophie Luna Vic Rosenheart
1 Flags Act 2017 Officially legislating the Flag of Sademaara. Yes Yes Yes Yes November 20, 2017
2 Parliament Act 2017 Legislating the voting system, composition of parliament, and system for selection of the Governor. Yes Yes Yes Yes November 27, 2017
3 Citizenship Act 2017 Limiting the number of foreign citizenships that can be held. Yes Yes Yes TBD November 30, 2017

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0th Parliament of Sademaara

  1. Currently an interim Parliament, serving until elections can be held.