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—  Town of Austenasia  —
Country Flag of Austenasia.png Empire of Austenasia
Founded 25 April 2009
 - Representative Lord Marshal William
 - Baron Lord Marshal William
 - Police Inspector Lord Marshal William
 - Total 1.3e-4 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 3
Demonym Zephyrian
Time zone UTC
 - Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
Location 8.8 miles N of Redhill;
1.19 miles E of Sutton High Street;
9.6 miles S of the Serpentine;
0.2 km W of Orly
Zephyria was known as South Kilttown before 10 September 2010

Zephyria (originally and still sometimes spelt as Zephirya), formerly known as South Kilttown, is a town in the Empire of Austenasia. It was used as a base for the Carolinians during the Austenasian Civil War, and as such was ineffectively placed under martial law. It has since returned to what is practically its pre-war condition.


Flag used by Carolinians.

On 22 March 2009, Sir William (a friend of the then Crown Prince Jonathan's) signed a Treaty of Annexation with the Empire after asking if his house could become part of Austenasia. The other signatories were Emperor Terry, Crown Prince Jonathan, and William's mother, the owner of the house. William's father gave his verbal consent the same day.

The Treaty made Sir William's house a Town of Austenasia, South Kilttown (a parody of North Kilttown, a fictional Scottish town mentioned in the Simpsons), officially annexing it on 25 April 2009. As Sir William was later appointed Duke of Royton and then a General of the Austenasian Army, he became known as Lord General William.

The Treaty of Annexation also made Lord General William the Acting Representative of South Kilttown, until an election could be constitutionally held on 1 January 2010. Lord General William was voted in as Representative after there were no other willing candidates.

Austenasian Civil War

After the declaration of the Austenasian Civil War on 7 March 2010, South Kilttown effectively broke away from all government authority, even though Lord General William was replaced by his father, Lord John, as Acting Representative and the town was officially placed under martial law.

The town's police force and army platoon were dissolved, and Lord John and his wife were granted absolute power over South Kilttown as martial law was put into place. However, these measures proved ineffective at re-establishing government authority, with William even publishing a rebel website.

On 21 March 2010, William declared himself re-instated after South Kilttown Town Council passed a bye-law restoring William to the office of Representative. However, the Prime Minister declared this null and void: it contradicted an Act of Parliament, Act 116, which no bye-law can legally do. Nevertheless, William was accepted in South Kilttown as de facto Representative until the end of the war.


On 10 September 2010, South Kilttown was renamed to Zephyria. William was appointed Acting Representative (elected and re-elected Representative on 1 January and 24 December 2011 respectively), and the town began to pay a small amount of tax for the first time, although all money the Treasury receives from Zephyria is given to the Town Council.


The main feature of South Kilttown is Kingsnorth Manor, home to Lord Marshal William and his family.


The current Representative of Zephyria is Lord Marshal William, who was elected as Representative on 1 January 2011 and re-elected both in December later that year and in November 2013. The Lord Marshal is also Baron of the Town.

List of Representatives

Number Picture Name Political views Took office Left office Notes
1 LMWilliam.png Lord General William K., 2nd Duke of Royton, KOR, KCA, DSC Conservative militarist 25 Apr 2009 7 Mar 2010 Appointed Acting Representative of South Kilttown by the Treaty of Annexation until an election could take place, and confirmed as Representative by election on 1 January 2010. Held office during the Terry I abdication crisis. Automatically removed from office after committing high treason and rebellion by declaring the Austenasian Civil War.
2 (Acting) John K., OAO Moderate 7 Mar 2010 10 Sep 2010 Automatically became Acting Representative via his position as the town's Baron after the removal of Lord General William for starting the Austenasian Civil War. Held office during said civil war, sharing the power of martial law with Lady Kingsnorth, OAO, from 8 March until 21 March, when he passed effective authority as Acting Representative back to William after passing Bye-law 1 (technically illegal, as it went against an Act of Parliament). He remained de jure Acting Representative only until the signing of the Treaty of Ruskin Road (2010), whereby government authority was re-established over South Kilttown and he was reinstated. The period of martial law came to a close at the end of the war, and a few weeks later he relinquished his Barony, which passed to William.
3 LMWilliam.png Lord Marshal William K., 2nd Baron of Zephyria Conservative militarist 10 Sep 2010 Incumbent Reinstated as Acting Representative after a demand by the town's residents. South Kilttown was renamed Zephirya upon his reinstatement. In December, the spelling of "Zephyria" was officially allowed instead, which had been unofficially in use for some time. Held office during the War of the Orlian Reunification, and led troops during the Battle of Orly. Established a private local air force for the defence of the Town. Confirmed to the office of Representative of Zephyria by democratic election on 1 January 2011, and re-elected on 24 December 2011 and 19 November 2013. Oversaw the establishment of a small annual tax to the central government, all of which is spent on Zephyria. Held office during the implementation of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011.