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Porthbokon, the largest Town in Austenasia

An Austenasian Town is the main type of administrative division of the Empire of Austenasia, locally administered by an elected Town Council. Wrythe was the first Town in the Empire, being the territory of Austenasia when founded on 20 September 2008.

Two Towns of the Empire - Wrythe and New Richmond - have been made Cities. The status of City can be granted to certain Towns in recognition of their preeminence, and permits the election of a local Mayor to head the City Council. Other than having a Mayor and being known as a City, Cities are for all other intents and purposes Towns, and are treated as such in regards to legislation that refers to Towns.

In accordance with the Empire of Austenasia Act 2013, "Towns are inhabited territories which are fully incorporated into Austenasia within a hierarchy of Provinces, Duchies and Regions" (the latter three divisions being mainly ceremonial). Unlike a Territory, Towns have permanent residents, and are represented in Parliament by elected Representatives.

Before the passing of the aforementioned Act of Parliament, Towns were the only type of local administrative division. Glencrannog, which has no population, held the status of a Town until the Empire of Austenasia Act 2013 transitioned it into a Territory.

Towns are governed on the local level by Town Councils. Town Councils are elected by every Town with a population of three or more - at present therefore, most Towns have Town Councils which are comprised of the entirety of their Town's population. Thanasia does not have a Town Council, having a population of only two. Town Councils have the power to create bye-laws, laws which only apply to that Town and are overruled by Acts of Parliament, Imperial Decrees or Imperial Edicts. In the case of an inconclusive election for a Representative, Town Councils may exercise the powers of Representative through a majority vote or elect an Acting Representative themselves.

At present, there are seven Towns: Zephyria, Thanasia, Palasia, Porthbokon, Shineshore, Terentia, and Ionathanopolis.

Harenfall existed as a Town from January 2015 until being dissolved in June 2016, as did Lichtenstein from April 2014 to September 2016.

Wrythe and New Richmond were Towns from September 2008 and September 2014 respectively, before gaining city status in January 2017.