Austenasian Green Party

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Austenasian Green Party
Leader Lady Strawberry Easton, Baroness of Thanasia
Founded 13 February 2015
Membership 2
Ideology Environmentalism
Liberal socialism
Grassroots democracy
Constitutional monarchism
Political position Green
Official colors Green
Cabinet positions
0 / 7
Seats in the House of Representatives
1 / 9

The Austenasian Green Party is a political party of the Empire of Austenasia based in Thanasia, the fourth to be founded. Created on 13 February 2015 by HIH Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, it the only Austenasian party to be specifically environmentalist in outlook.

Policies of the Austenasian Green Party include decreasing the Empire's usage of fossil fuels in favour of renewable sources of energy, protecting biodiversity and natural resources, maintaining the ability of residents to participate in decision-making on local matters through Town Councils, and seeking greater international recognition of Austenasian sovereignty.

Upon the resignation of Countess Eritoshi from politics in June 2016, her sister Lady Strawberry became the party's new leader on 4 June.