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Christian Soviet Republic of Zhujiang
ZHU communism.pngZhujiang Govt Emblem.png

基督教真理将占上风! (Chinese: Christian truth will prevail!)
National anthem of Example
Eastern US
Capital cityZhujiangxian
Largest cityZhujiangxian
Official language(s)English, Chinese, German, Romanian, Russian
Official religion(s)Christianity (Official/State Religion)
Short nameZhujiang/Soviet Republic of Zhujiang
GovernmentChristian Communist
LegislatureChristian Communist Party of Zhujiang
Area claimed1km²
Population7 (as of 2019 census)
CurrencyUSD, NTD, JYL
Time zone(UTC)
National sportGaming, Fencing, Jousting
National animalDove
Patron saintSt. John
This nation is a member of the Jidujiao Yaosai Accord

The Christian Soviet Republic of Zhujiang, more commonly known as Zhujiang, is a micronation in the Eastern US... It was originally founded in 2018-2019 howevver the date exactly is unknown. It was dissolved in fall of 2019 and was recreated on 3-16-21.

The Christian Soviet Republic of Zhujiang is ruled by the Christian Communist Party of Zhujiang.


The name Zhujiang comes from the Chinese Zhujiang or Pearl River.

Zhujiang was the original leader nation of the U.C.C.R


Zhujiang lead the U.C.C.R as its first federative nation and lead it during the MA-U.C.C.R war.

Politics and government

Zhujiang is currently ruled by the Christian Communist Party and the President, President Shuoguo


The military is made up of the Peoples Christian Soviet Red Army.

Geography and climate

Bible belt American Climate.


Very Rich in Purified water exports.

Culture and media

Media is mostly produced in Chinese but is available in other official languages.

See also

U.C.C.R, Jidujiao Yaosai Accord