Zhenya Schmidt

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Eugene Schmidt
Veldergen's representative and CEO
Elected in office
December 20th 2020
Predecessor none
Successor none
The Velder
Founder of the office
2016 - December 2020
Predecessor none
Successor none
Personal information
Born 2000 (age 21–22) or 2003 (age 18–19)
Kazakhstan, Almaty
Birth name Eugene Daniel Schmidt
Citizenship  w:Kazakhstan, Velderflag.png Veldergen
Political party Right-wing party of the Velgernism
Other political
Residence virtual space and games
Religion Agnostic or Atheist

Eugene Schmidt is an internet person, designer and founder/CEO of the Veldergen Inc, representative of Veldergen Community and the Veldergen Micronation. He is also an entrepreneur and has founded the Vimea platform in 2018.