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Motto: "Ce startez ou Veldergen" (It starts in Veldergen)
CapitalLonburg (in-game)
Largest cityLutser, Lonburg, Alinesberg (in-game)
Official languagesVelgian and the languages of the Veldergen Community (including English)
Demonym(s)the Velders
LegislatureVeldergen Parliament
• (2021) census
CurrencyVelder Croné

Veldergen is an international community and micronation. In a broader sense, Veldergen can be a metaverse and a private corporation that has its own micronation. As of 2022, Veldergen is a closed community (for the first time since 2018), the project is frozen but can work and exist. Veldergen Micronation is an example of a veldergenian state with a new ideology of Veldernism and a veldergenian economy.

Veldergen Community is officially available in several dozen countries. There are chats and applications with Veldergen rooms for communication, finding friends by interests and creating creativity. Veldergen Micronation does not have its own real territory and all jurisdiction is distributed in these chat rooms, in games, in metaverses and in alternate reality. Community membership and citizenship can be acquired separately.

The economic and political ideology of Veldernism is part of the Veldergen values, which were taken from European values. Veldergen divides the political spectrum into "classical": the one that is now used in the world (communists, liberals, fascists), and "essential": this is the spectrum of Veldernism (Singlists, newest communists, classic Velders, newest fascists). These systems are very different from each other.

The Humanity Index (Veldernism Index) may be separate from Veldernism, but it is also the main one. Society is divided into "civilized" and "uncivilized" people, companies, states and ideologies. These names are subject to change soon.


Name formation

The word "veldergen" is new. It was suddenly and accidentally created at the end of 2017 in order to replace the old name of the state in games (Velge, Velgia). The old name "Velguim" was consonant with the word "Belgium", so it was necessary to get rid of it.

In January 2021, was made a sensational discovery: through the evolution of generations of the Velgian language, it was suggested that the word "veldergen" consists of "vel", "der (derre)", "gen", which can be translated as "great territory of a generation".


Start (2015 - summer 2017)

Several players decided to create a game state on the GreenCubes server in Minecraft. However, this server suffered from a decrease in players and was subsequently closed in 2017. Veldergen's first ancestors founded the city of Lollipop here and it was the only living city on the server. The population was 14 people.

These players continued to play other games, there were no plans to create micronation. In 2017, the GreenCubes server was closed. After that, the search began for new servers with politics and economics so that Velge could be dragged. Parallel to this, an open chat was created for creative people and politicians to rule Velge, a culture and the first constitution were created.

Golden age (fall 2017 - 2018)

Chats were created on several social networks to bring different people together to play different games. At the same time, a new project Velge was created and a second constitution was adopted. The flag has been changed to black with white dots. The number of participants in the chats was about 50-70, about 20 people received Velge citizenship.

At the same time, the Velge project was based on some Minecraft servers and some other multiplayer games. Autumn 2017 brought new changes to the velgen society. The democratic system of the state was adopted, online conferences were very often held. Courts and the Human Rights Convention and the Player's Rights Convention were created. In December 2017, it was estimated that there are people in the chats from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Japan and some other countries.

New Time (2018 - summer 2018)

At the end of 2017, there were attempts to create something new and abandon Velge. The Humanity Index (now it's Veldernization Index) was created, but at first it was just an idea and this index developed until 2019, but in January 2018 it was decided to create its own ideology using VI. At the same time, the Minecraft server "FWLD" was created (this server was created by the old GreenCubes players) and Velge switched to FWLD. At the end of January 2018, the Velder Krone (now it's Velder Crone) cryptocurrency was created.

On January 31, 2018, the Veldergen Agreement was signed. This led to the creation of a hybrid state with territory in the FWLD server and in internet chat rooms. In March 2018, there was a war between some chat participants. In May, Veldergen was frozen indefinitely. FWLD server becomes out of date and shuts down.

Newest time (summer 2018 - 2019)

In July 2018, the Veldergen Community was officially created and there was a replenishment in the community of up to 50 people from around the world. Many projects, however, were closed (cryptocurrency, gaming micronation, etc.). At the same time, ideas were proposed to create a concept of the ideas and values of Veldergen. The division into 2 parties began: lefts and rights.

In autumn, the right-wing party came up with the idea to create a new period of history in Veldergen: New Era. This was supposed to start in January 2019. The Veldergen Reformation began, due to which the Velders were divided into two camps.

New Era (2019 - our time)

Humanity Index

Despite the fact that 2019 was a calm and inactive year, HI continued its development. It was advertised in political associations in Kazakhstan and HI gained some popularity. At the end of 2019, the renaming of the Humanity Index to Veldernization Index or Veldernism Index was announced.

DTF Server

In the spring of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Minecraft server from the DTF community was created. Veldergen established its territory there and the cities of Lonburg and Lutser were built. In April, the Vladlien Agreement was signed, which copied the Veldergen Agreement. In May, Veldergen became a member of the Demoss Union. A few months later, this server became irrelevant and on December 20, 2020, it was decided to close the Velge project on the DTF server and close this franchise altogether.

Also on December 20, 2020, a peaceful revolution was held and the transfer of power from the former representatives of Veldergen to Zhenya Schmidt. Now he is a temporary representative and is CEO of Veldergen Inc. and Vimea.

2021 - our time

In 2021, Veldergen began actively using Twitter and Twitter diplomacy. There was a division into Veldergen Community and Veldergen Micronation. Since March 1, 2022, they are products of Veldergen Inc.

Also in March 2022, it was announced that Veldergen would not develop into the Russian-speaking market, although the main office would be located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. There are prospects to create a meta universe of Veldergen + Vimea, and also create a cyber state. It was decided to revive the Velder Croné cryptocurrency and begin the development of NFT.

Veldergen also said that in addition to Lands and States, empires, kingdoms and republics can now join the confederation. Now it is possible to create a trans state, while having complete independence from Veldergen, but being in parliament and in the council.

Politics and Veldernism

In the era when the territory of Velge was in games (mainly on servers in Minecraft), Velge was a federal republic, the president was the head (in 2017 - the chancellor). There was a federal assembly, which consisted of representatives of the lands. When there was the FWLD, then Velge was ruled by a parliament made up of two main parties, as it is necessary because of Veldernism. Instead of the president, there are representatives of Veldergen, there should be from 3 to 6 people. 1 person does not have to be the head of a community or micronation.

In the era of Veldernism, liberal programs and human rights began to be banned, since Veldernism is a different political spectrum. Society is divided into two main "castes" - civilized people (those who want the world community to develop and become a single Planetary civilization; unification of cultures; globalization; gender equality, etc.) and uncivilized people (these are those who infringe on the rights of other people and minorities; as mentioned above, uncivilized political ideologies include "classical" fascism and Nazism, patriarchy and matriarchy, white supremacy and conservatism. Starting in 2019, the entire "classical political system" is considered uncivilized - from fascists to communists and anarchists). Veldernism is left and right. Velge as a micronation in the game belongs to the lefts, Veldergen to the rights.

Veldergen Micronation is the only country in general where the Veldernism system has been introduced.

Relations with other micronations

During the ingame Velge era, in 2016-2018 had diplomatic relations with some gaming countries, but not with real micronations. In the DTF server, Velge in 2020 also had diplomatic relations with other countries.

Relations with macronations

Due to the transition to "real life", in the spring of 2018 a special committee was established in Veldergen to track the Humanity Index in different countries. Discussions about Crimea were held with participants from Russia and Ukraine. In Veldergen, they believe that Crimea is either the territory of Ukraine or a separate independent country. The same applies to Catalonia.

In the summer of 2018, it was decided that Russia and Belarus are one and the same. "Veldergen considers these countries a union state, they are no different." In 2020, during the mass protests in Belarus, Veldergen did not pay attention to this, but Veldergen did not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as president.

Thanks to the Humanity Index, the right-wing Velders have made a list of "Civilized Countries" and "Superior Nations". These included Sweden, Norway, Canada and New Zealand. Russia and the United States have become "strange and backward countries and nations." In early 2019, Veldergen stopped recognizing China's independence.

During mass rallies in Kazakhstan in 2019, some Velders were accused of participating and creating in these rallies. Veldergen said that "in this case, we will not develop this country (Kazakhstan) and we will consider this country terrible and uncivilized until Kazakhstan passes into the power of Russia."

In late 2019, the American Velders were charged with sinophobia. The Velders believe that "China needs to be stopped and better done by pressure and boycotting China."

In May–June 2020, Veldergen stated that "in the US, white and black people are slaves to their system. There will never be equality and everything is done for the sake of marketing. We do not want justice." In July, Veldergen declared white Americans an "inferior nation" (but this is not Nazism, but "trolling in the Velgian way" to motivate the population to switch to Veldernism).

In January 2022, Veldergen covered events in Kazakhstan via Twitter. Veldergen condemned the government of this country. There were attacks on the Twitter account of Veldergen and the blocking of Twitter and the Internet in Kazakhstan for several days.

In February 2022, Veldergen condemned Russia for the war in Ukraine. The Veldergen Community was shut down in Russia, on March 1 it was announced that Russian is no longer the main language in Veldergen.

Law and order

Velge's and Veldergen's basic law was the Constitution. In January 2018, this constitution was divided into the Veldergen Agreement and the Human Rights Convention. For the FWLD, the Player's Rights Convention has been adopted.


Despite the fact that Veldergen has several people from the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belgium and France, this Community may available some other countries as well.

Countries and regions where Veldergen is available (2021)


GC and other games used local currency, so Veldergen did not have its own currency until 2018. On January 15, 2018, Velder Crone goes public as a cryptocurrency that can interact with real money and money on the FWLD server. Velder Crone was closed in May 2018.

In March 2022, it was announced that Veldergen would revive its Velder Croné cryptocurrency and move to the NFT market. No exact dates were given.

Culture and society

The official languages

On March 2, 2022, it was announced that the working languages of Veldergen will be English, French and Spanish. Before that, the main languages were English, Arabic, French and Russian. Arabic was never used. The Veldergen Community languages are Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese. These languages are available for communication with Velders.

Relations in society

The age of majority starts from 13 years old (in some countries of the community from 14 years old). This means that from that moment on, a person himself has the right to dispose of his life. The fact is that Veldergen is the first micronation where children's rights are very open and expanded. It is because of this that sometimes conflicts with adults occur within the community (adults in Veldergen in 2020: 3 people).

Veldergen inequality is a social structure where discriminated groups of people (mainly women, children and the LGBTI community) receive more rights, mainly when the Veldernist right-wing party rules. Thus, we can say that the rights of women and the rights of LGBTI persons in society are protected so much that they are given more rights. However, some Velders (even the right wing) consider this a hoax. In practice, this was introduced in February 2018.

In Veldergen, it is not customary to indicate your gender in documents and official sources. There are no words for "man" and "woman" in the Velgian language. Since 2019, a gradual ban on words related to nationality and sexual orientation has been introduced. But, in society and informal relationships, you can use these words. In 2021, a referendum will be held to ban writing a pronouns in your bio in social. This is due to the fact that in Veldergen, a stranger has the right to address you in any pronoun, for example, if you are a man and will be treated like a woman - this is normal. The Velders see no difference in gender linguistics. Exceptions are dating sites, sexual relations, and the like. By the way, in Veldergen what is forbidden everywhere is allowed.