ZCGV Starlight Blue

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ZCGV Starlight Blue
Zns starlight blue.jpg
ZCGV Starlight Blue in Canberra, Australia, 2009
BuilderAccess Dinghies
Commissioned and DecommissionedMarch 2, 2010 - June 23, 2012
MottoFluctuat nec mergitur (It may fluctuate, but does not sink)
ClassAccess Class
Length3.03 Meters
Width1.25 Meters
ArmamentZNE Systems Missile Launcher x 2 ZNE Systems Anti ship weapon x 2
Aircraft CarriedR/C Helicopter x 2

ZCGV Starlight Blue (K 01) was an Access Class warship in the Kingdom of Zealandia Coast Guard. The ship was the flagship of the Zealandian Coast Guard.

Pre Naval Service

ZCGV Starlight Blue was helmed by King Hakon in numerous races prior to her commissioning into the RZNS which included: 2008 CHS Sailing Championships (where she suffered from a broken foremast during a collision with another vessel that was at fault).

Naval and Coast Guard Career

The ZCGV Starlight Blue had served with distinction in the Kingdom of Zealandia Naval Service and was on August 28, 2010 given the honour of being the flagship of the KOZNS and flew The Royal Ensign from her Main Mast.
ZCGV Starlight Blue was transferred on the 24th of January 2012 to the Zealandian Coast Guard.

Decommissioning and fate

On June 23 the Starlight Blue was given an official decommissioning ceremony in Thorkjavik after her sale to private buyers from New Zealand.
It is expected that the Starlight Blue will remain in Christchurch for some time before being transported to Auckland which may be her final destination.