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सेनापतिः युद्धार्थ सिंह परिहारः
सेनापति युद्धार्थ सिंह परिहार
General Yuddhart Singh Parihar
Army Chief(Saffron Army)
In office:

October 6, 2011 - December 22, 2011

Preceded by: Office Created
Succeded by: Akhnaveer Singh Meena
Chief of Gupt Sena
In Office:

December 22, 2011 -

Preceded by: Akhnaveer Singh Meena
Succeded by: Incumbent
Military Adviser
In office:

October 6, 2011-

Preceded by: Office Created
Succeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Born: July 22, 1993
Birthplace: Jodhpur
Nationality Vedic
Religion Sanatan Hinduism
Political Allegiance: Hindutva, National Utopia
Residence: Jodhpur

Yuddhart Singh Parihar is war lord of Crown Dependency of Dakshinesh and Vedic military leader. He is head of Maharana Pratap Regiment and part of Royal advisers' committee, Military. Once rose to the position of Chief of Saffron Army, he is currently senior military leader. General Akhnaveer Singh Meena took the position of the Army chief from him on 22 December 2011. He is also Supreme Commander of Gupt Sena, the intelligence agency of Aryavart Empire.

Political Role

Yuddhart (far right) with Gupt Sena

He is one of the most trusted person of Emperor and is second most powerful military commander after Akhnaveer Singh Meena. He initially joined the Arya Sena with sole goal of fighting Islam, due to his beliefs that eradication of Islam from Aryavart and purifiction of converts is indispensable restoration of military, economical and political might of Hindus. Later, it become a strong supporter of ideals of National Utopia and believes in creation of one single Hindu Nation state- Aryavart. He started his political career with Rajputistan and was leading member even in Vedistan. And when first serious campaign for Hindu Nation sate was launched in form of Arya Sena, he got the highest military position- Chief of Saffron Army. Later his position was changed Akhnaveer, then chief of Gupt Sena. Akhnaveer failed in secret mission of taking pictures and details of target code named 'Hitler'. Later, emperor Harshvardhan himself took command of this mission it was finally successfully completed. On the other hand, Akhnaveer had developed the Saffron Army with great hard work and bravery so he was given the charge of Saffron Army and Yuddhart was given command of Gupt Sena.

Tactical and Military Role

The Yuddhart (far left) Brigade

He has his own brigade under his command, with various officers and commanders enrolled in the brigade. He took place in some successful combats, which secured his position of Army chief for about two months until it was taken up by Indradesh Lord- Akhnaveer and he got command of Gupt Sena, intelligence agency of Empire. He proved as successful officer and completed almost all his missions successfully. In reward of his bravery, he was given the control of Crown Dependency of Dakshinesh. He is military dictator of Dakshinesh and almost autonomous in power. Dakshinesh is only reason with non-National Utopian government is in charge, a Military Junta.