Akhnaveer Singh Meena

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सामन्तः अख्नवीर सिंह मीणा
सामन्त अख्नवीर सिंह मीणा
Lord Akhnaveer Singh Meena
Army Chief(Saffron Army)
In office:

December 22, 2011-

Preceded by: Yuddhart Singh Parihar
Succeded by: Incumbent
Chief of Gupt Sena
In Office:

December 22, 2011 -

Preceded by: Office Created
Succeded by: Yuddhart Singh Parihar
Lord of Indradesh
In office:

October 6, 2011-

Preceded by: Office Created
Succeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Born: August 23, 1994
Birthplace: Jaipur
Nationality Vedic
Religion Sanatan Hinduism
Political Allegiance: Hindutva, National Utopia
Residence: Jodhpur

Akhnaveer Singh Meena is one of the first supporter of Harshvardhan, as well as the founding member of Rajputistan. He was the prime force behind the change of name to "Vedistan". Later, when first serious project- Aryavart was proclaimed, he was one of the founders of the nation. He has been a follower of Harshvardhan since late 2009 and is personally closest the the Emperor. His political and military career started in The Aryavart Empire, first as head of Gupt Sena, general of Saffron Army and Lord of Indradesh. Later, his position was interchanged by Yuddhart and he was made head of Saffron Army and Yuddhart become head of Gupt Sena.


He is lord of Indradesh, the grand province carved out of Indian states bordering China, Nepal and Bhutan. With de jure capital at Thimphu, current day Bhutan. Lords are the nominal heads of provinces as well as agents of the emperor. A Lords' main role is assisting tax collection, military security and maintenance of law and order. He worked for improving the political reach of Arya Sena. As royal government don't have any control of Indradesh, his main role are military/tactical.


He started as head of intelligence agency of Empire, Gupt Sena. He failed in a key mission in which he had to take pictures and collect information of the target code named "Hitler". Later, the mission was taken over by The Emperor himself, who successfully completed it. Despite his failure in the mission, it got him out of Gupt Sena. During the mission, he took blurred and bad quality pictures of "Hitler", where the target's face wasn't totally visible. He claimed that his companions were making him laugh during the mission, which distracted him, causing him take poor quality photographs. Meanwhile he made huge successes in local military campaigns, in de facto capital of Aryavart- Jodhpur. He defeated almost all the local forces who stood against Aryavart and threatened the very existence of Aryavart, mainly islamic in nature. Successfully controlled many islamic activity which would have created law and order problem in regions near the political dominance of Aryavart. He commandeds a autonomous brigade which is very active in eliminating the power and subordinating the local threats and stopped a Eid rally of a Muslim school with handful of almost unarmed soldiers. In this rally teachers were teaching hatred against the unbelievers of Allah specially Hindus. Though, like other of his campaigns, it was never verified by the Gupt Sena if it was true or an illegal attack.


Seeing his extra ordinary job at military sector and complete failure at intelligence work, his position as head of top spy organisation of Aryavart and may be of whole microworld was given to Yuddhart and he was given the position of chief of Saffron Army on December 22, 2011.