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Principality of Wynyard
Flag of Sealand.pngSealand Coat of arms.png

Fundado en un sueño
(English:Founded on a dream)
"E Mare Libertas" by Basil Simonenko
Wynyard Quarter, Auckland.
Capital cityWynyard
Official language(s)English,
Short nameWynyard
DemonymWynyarder, Wynyardic
GovernmentMonarchy, Constitutional Monarchy
Established5 April 2018
Only 1 permanently live in Sealand (2018)
CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar

Wynyard is a small Auckland Based Territorial Micronation founded in Wynyard Quarter (Waitematā Harbour) The Nation settles within it's few plots of land some which being; A playground, 2 small docking platforms, and a small unofficial claim of ocean.


Photos of Wynyard Wynyard-quarter-rails.jpg