World Micronational Conference of 2016

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World Micronational Conference of 2016
World Micronational Confrence.png
Theme: Inspire, Hope, Charity, and Trust
Status Planned
Date 20-22th 2016
Site Salt Lake City, United States of America
Website In Progress
Hosting Kid United Republic
Next summit PoliNation 2017

This 2016, every eligible micronation will be invited to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on the date the 20-22 July. Following this the host country will make a welcome speech, after that the plan is to have every invited micronation to shed some light on their micronation. After this the host micronation will give out a banquet dinner. Every micronation must bring something to present to the "Rod of Friendship". This "Rod of Friendship" will have tokens given by all attending the event. The entire event will proceed after the matter.

Background Information

All invited nations must bring a gift to the "Rod of Friendship. All nations can bring their nations flag to hang up. All attendees can offer a presentation about their micronation or, present a certain item to the audience. Following that every micronation is welcome to apply or be invited. Countries can optionally advertise their micronation will commercial or poster board. (28X22 max.)