William Fitz-James Stuart, Duke of Ross

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His Grace & Serene Highness

The Duke of Ross
Known forBritish aristocrat
Property development
BornWilliam James Richard Fitz-James Stuart
2 November 2004 (2004-11-02) (age 18)
Westminster, London, England
ParentsJuan Antonio, 5th Duke of Dogana
Monica Stuart

Prince William James Robert Fitz-James Stuart, 6th Duke of Ross (born 2 November 2004), styled as Earl of Angus until August 2022, is a Spanish-British aristocrat and businessman. He became Duke of Ross on 9 August 2022, on the abdication of his mother Monica, 5th Duchess of Ross.[1]

Early life

William James Robert Ftiz-James Stuart is the eldest son of Monica Fitz-James Stuart, current Countess of Nithsdale, and her former husband John Phillips.

Though his mother, he descends from James II & VII of England and Scotland, and is a distant cousin to the British Royal Family, Winston Churchill (through his 12th grandmother and mistress of James II & VII, Arabella Churchill), and also was related to Diana, Princess of Wale and the Spencer family.

The succession to the dukedom and all matters related to its subsidiary titles are mostly managed through an public agreement with the court of Lord Lyon which regulates who can inherit titles, as well as abdications and renouncements to any rights since its restoration by the Duke's grandfather the 3rd Duke.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Ross holds the scotish titles of 7th Duke of Ross, alongside most of its subsidiary titles, Earl of Angus, Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lennox, Earl of Nithsdale; which he ceded to his mother after she renounced to the dukedom in his favor, and Baron of Abbington.

In 2010, his father inherited the title of the Duke of Dogana ("Duca di Dogana") and the right to use the title of Prince of Serravalle ("Principe di Serravalle"), granting him and all his children the style of "His Serene Highness" and the rank of Prince. As he is his father's eldest son, he inherited the title of Marquess of Olnani ("Marchesse di Olnani"), which are all titles issued by San Marino.

His grandfather also held titles in the Kingdom of Spain, which some of them were distributed in favor of the current Duke of Ross; he inherited the spanish titles of Marquess of Solana ("Marqués de Solana"); his grandfather also held the title of Duke of Losada, which his uncle got to inherit, and some french titles the Republic of San Marino reissued and that were the titles of Duke of Normandy ("Duc de Normandie") and Count of Forez ("Comte de Forez"), which he holds.

Listed (held):

  • 7th Duke of Ross
  • 18th Duke of Normady
  • 9th Marquess of Solana
  • 5th Marquess of Olnani
  • 36th Earl of Angus
  • 25th Earl of Dunbar
  • 27th Earl of Lennox
  • 29th Earl of Nithsdale (ceded to his mother, who became the 28th & 30th Countess of Nithsdale)
  • 37th Count of Forez
  • 15th Baron of Abbington

Holding a total of ten titles.

Listed (as heir):

  • Prince of Serravalle, heir apparent.
  • Duke of Dogana, heir apparent.
  • Duke of Losada, heir once removed.
  • Earl of Nithsdale, heir apparent.


  • In Spain: Excelentísimo Señor (The Most Excellent), Don William James Robert Fitz-James Stuart, Marqués de Rosalmonte, Grande de España. Unofficial: Su Excelentísima y Serenísima Alteza (His Most Excellent and Serene Highness) el Príncipe William James Robert Fitz-James Stuart, Marqués de Rosalmonte, Grande de España).
  • In Great Britain: His Grace and Serene Highness, The Prince William James Robert Fitz-James Stuart, Duke of Ross; or: His Grace and Serene Highness, The Duke of Ross.
  • In San Marino: His Serene Highness (Sua Altezza Serenissima), il Marchese di Olnani.

Personal life

Little is publicly known about the duke's personal life.[2] However, in October 2013, he was named a godfather to Prince George.[3][4]

In April 2020, the duke donated several million pounds in support of the British government response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the National Health Service (NHS).[4]


Coat of arms of William Fitz-James Stuart, Duke of Ross
File:Coat of Arms of the Duke of Westminster without Order of Garter.svg
The dukedom of Westminster was created by Queen Victoria in 1874.
A Talbot statant Or
Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Azure a Portcullis with chains pendant Or on a Chief of the last between two united Roses of York and Lancaster a Pale charged with the Arms of King Edward the Confessor (City of Westminster); 2 and 3rd, Azure a Garb Or (Grosvenor)
On either side a Talbot reguardant Or collared Azure
Virtus Non Stemma (Virtue not ancestry)
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