Empire of Wellington

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Empire of Wellington

"Trinitate Fortitudo"
God save the King
Capital cityMerinsburg
Official language(s)English, French
Short nameWellington
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- EmperorZebrin I
- ChancellorGraham Kirkman
- Vice Chancellor of the Empire of WellingtonVacant
LegislatureParliament of Wellington
- Upper HouseSenate of Wellington
- Lower HouseHouse of Assembly of Wellington
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 10 House of Assembly, 10 Senate (20 total)
- Last election - 22 August 2019
Established22 August 2019
CurrencyWellington Credit
Time zoneAtlantic Time Zone
National animalBrown Bear
Patron saintSt. John

The Empire of Wellington, shortly titled Wellington, is a self-declared sovereign state based in the continent of North America in Canada. Its claim as a sovereign state is disregarded by external observers and is commonly referred to as a micronation.

The Empire of Wellington was founded on August 22nd, 2019. It aims to not display any forms of hostility to the nation that the United Nations recognizes that it is within, Canada.


On the day of August 22th, 2019, the Empire of Wellington was founded by Zebrin I. There was a provisional legislature and government established immediately, and the duties of the Head of Government, later established as the Chancellor, was assumed by the Monarch until one was decided upon.

Government and Politics

The Kingdom of Wellington is an Absolute Monarchy that is governed by the Monarch of the Empire of Wellington. The sitting head of state is responsible for appointing a head of government, and, in the event of a vacancy, may appoint them or any member of their royal house as the provisional head of government.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement for the Kingdom of Wellington is provided by the Royal Wellington Police Department, and enforces all laws set out by the sitting monarch, or the parliament.


The Empire has a treaty with the Kingdom of Aculda and maintains a Joint Geographical Display System.