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The Kingdom of Vlaanderen-Moa

Officially the Kingdom of Vlaanderen-Moa and Officially abbreviated as VM. The Kingdom was founded on 15 March 2018, by declaring independence from New Zealand. It is nearly entirely enclaved by the New Zealand's Bay of Plenty region.

On 5 April 2018 VM entered The Occitan War on the side of the Occitan coalition against Mangolia. After the war VM was not granted any concessions which soured relations between VM and the other members of the coalition.

In response to this, on 8 April 2018 the Parliament of VM voted to Annex the island of Motuotua from New Zealand to fulfill their promise to gain land within a week after the war. They had expected to gain land after The Occitan War and instead were sent into a small crisis which resulted in the annexation of the nearby uninhabited island.