Vizier of Vyomania

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Vizier of the Empire of Vyomania
Head of the government:

since June 10 2020
StyleYour Right Honour
Term lengthvaries
FormationJune 3 2020

The Vizier of Vyomania is the Head of the Government, the Vizier appoints the Government Ministers collectively known as the Cabinet, and serves as Chairmen of the body, the Vizier is also the main Spokesperson of the Government.

Term length

The Vizier can serve for at least 5 years. If the Vizier is leading action for the environment, lead commitments and act for the environment, his/her term length will increase by 1 year. Vizier can resign in between.

List of Viziers

Portrait Name
Term of Office

June 3, 2020
June 11, 2020
Mohak became the first Vizier of Vyomania on June 10, 2020 till the ratification of the new Vyomanian constitution, oversaw the reorganization of provinces, established the Bank of Vyomania.


June 11, 2020