Vinland Conflict

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Vinland Conflict
Date10 November 2019 - Present
Status Ongoing
 Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Wolves of Vinland
Commanders and leaders
King Thomas I None

The Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall officially declared war on the Neo-Nazi group, the Wolves of Vinland on the 10th November 2019, in response to their presence and active recruitment on the Kingdom's Capital's Doorstep in Minnesota, United States of America. This declaration lead to the calling of the War Council of Hrafnarfjall and the activation of the Hrafnarfjallian Foreign Legion. As of 11 November 2019, the Hrafnarfjallian Army had not been activated.


On 10 November 2019 at 15:41, the Crown of Hrafnarfjall issued the following Declaration

People of Hrafnarfjall: By Order of the Crown of Hrafnarfjall, as of 3:41 Sunday November 10, we are at war with the Wolves of Vinland. They are a known Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist group with violent means - and they have begun recruiting in Minneapolis and St. Paul, according to a nearby Kindred we speak with. They are practically on our doorstep, spreading their hate and poison. Not on our watch. The War Council of Hrafnarfjall has been called. We charge you all with vigilance. If you hear anything regarding them, here in Minnesota or otherwise, let the Crown know immediately. No Quarter. No Mercy. End the spread of this poison. ~Their Majesties the High King and the High Queen of Hrafnarfjall

Operation Wolf Pack



  • Flag of Paficica (1).png Pacifica, On 24 November, Pacifica announced diplomatic support for Hrafnarfjall

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