VMPL Season 2

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Virtual Micronational Premier League
FoundedAug 2011
Number of teams6
Levels on pyramid1
Promotion toNone
Relegation toVirtual Micronational Championship
Current championsDictatorship of Leoducia
(2011 VMPL Season 2)

The 2011 Season 2 started on October 14 and ended on October 22. The eventual champions were the Dictatorship of Leoducia, who dominated the league play and were unbeaten throughout the season. The relegated team this season was Thantias, who only got one point. The second season proved to be a great one.

How it works

The games are simulated so all games use a dice. The Home team gets the even numbers(except six) and the Away team gets the odd numbers(except 5). The dice is rolled 2 times for each team. If it lands on an even number, a goal is scored for the home team. However, If the dice lands on an odd number, a goal is scored for the away team. If the dice lands on 5 or 6, no goal is scored. After 4 rolls, the game is over. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.

Member nations

- Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands 2nd

- Kingdom of Carvadia 3rd

- Dictatorship of Leoducia 1st

- Thantias 6th

- Victoria Federation 4th

- Heraldry of Pozniakstan 5th



Heraldry of Pozniakstan 4-1 Victoria Federation

Thantias 2-7 Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands

Dictatorship of Leoducia 2-2 Kingdom of Carvadia


Thantias 3-5 Victoria Federation

Dictatorship of Leoducia 3-2 Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands

Kingdom of Carvadia 6-2 Heraldry of Pozniakstan


Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctica Peninsular Islands 4-6 Victoria Federation

Heraldry of Pozniakstan 2-4 Dictatorship of Leoducia

Kingdom of Carvadia 3-1 Thantias


Kingdom of Carvadia 2-6 Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands

Heraldry of Pozniakstan 4-4 Thantias

Dictatorship of Leoducia 3-1 Victoria Federation


Dictatorship of Leoducia 4-2 Thantias

Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands 6-4 Heraldry of Pozniakstan

Victoria Federation 2-2 Kingdom of Carvadia

Name of Nation GP GD PTS
Dictatorship of Leoducia 5 7 13
Grand Duchy of NAPI 5 8 9
Kingdom of Carvadia 5 2 8
Victoria Federation 5 N1 7
Heraldry of Pozniakstan 5 N5 4
Thantias 5 N11 1


GD means Goal Difference

N1 means negative one

1 means positive one

GP means Games Played

PTS means points