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Utòpia is an Italian-speaking nation with a robust Fifth World culture. It came into being on 5 Dicember 2005 under the banner of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Utòpia quickly grew into an impressive nation with its own English, Italian, and Interlingua web newspaper, the Utòpia jornal, three different parties, it joined the LIM (Lega Italiana Micronazioni), the Italian league of micronations along with Impero and Ponferrata, and it even established diplomatic relations with Riponia, the Aerican Empire, and the Inner Realm of Patria.

Utòpia even became a 2005 Norton Awards winner on 8 January 2006 in the "New Micronation of the Year" category. In March 2006, however, a military coup destroyed Utòpia. Certain antidemocratic elements took advantage of the temporary absence of Consul Hio to illegally declare the Constitution null and void. The forum and the original website of Utòpia fell into oblivion, and only the web newspaper, Utòpia jornal, continued to thrive. The freedom-loving People of Utòpia, however, would have nothing to do with the persons who started the coup, so Utòpia went into decline. Soon the usurpers joined another nation, the pro-Stalinist Repubblica Sovietica, clearly showing their true colours.

Now Utòpia lives again, and is an example of a nation that came back from oblivion, the elephant (a Hindu, not an US Republican Party symbol) that rose back from the ashes! On 30 August 2006 Utòpia's Website came back to life, and now the nation hopes to even surpass its former glorious state.

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