Urielandish Army

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Urielandish Imperial Army

Emblem of the Army
Active 11 March 2010–present
Country Empire of Urielandia
Role Land defense system
Motto Defenders of the Homeland (Defensores de la patria in Spanish)
Anniversaries 11 March
Engagements War for independence (2010)
Urielandia - Anarislavia civil war (2011)
Operation Gomorra (2018)
Commander in Chief Uriel I, Emperor of Urielandia

The Urielandish Imperial Army, was the land war branch of the Urielandish Armed Forces, which is the military force of the Empire of Urielandia. Uriel I, Emperor of Urielandia is the Commander in Chief of the Army since its establishment. The UIA fought in three major battles: the first one, against the nation of Anarislavia in the "Battle of December 27th", 2010, achieving the independence of Urielandia, the second, a civil war against Anarislavia on January 25th, 2011, being its last battle, the participation of the UIA on the "Operation Gomorra", on December 16th, 2018, which ended in the capture of the city, which was named Saint Augustine, the capital city of the colony of New Onofre. During the Republican Era (2010 - 2018) it was known as the Urielandish National Army, and since the proclamation of the Empire, changed the name to the Urielandish Imperial Army. At a subcontinental level, being a south-american micronation, the Urielandish army is one of the toughest micronational armies ever. The Urielandish army has been influenced by the US Army and the Syrian Arab Army

History (2010 - 2022)

The army was founded on March 11, 2010, by Uriel Bermudez who became the first commander of the army, which had the name of "Patriot Army". Their operation center was in the countryside, specifically in the zone which became known years later as the city of Arsulia, 200 km ahead of the capital city. When the neighboring country of Anarislavia wanted to colonize the territory, the so called "Patriot Army" started defending the territory which will be known later as Urielandia and took part in its first battle, the "Battle of December", that took place near the capital city between December 26 and December 27th, 2010, ending with a victory for the urielandish side. The PA entered the city of Pesepé, the capital city of the new country to be established back then. More than 10 days later, the now Urielandish National Army fought the Anarislavian forces again in the "Urielandia - Anarislavia Civil War" where only 25 urielandish soldiers lost their lives. The military conflict ended the same day, with both sides declaring victory.