United Slaviac Republic

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United Slaviac Republic
013flagusr.pngUSR Coat of Arms.png

Slaviac is Grand (Latin: Slaviac est Maximus)
Hymn of the USR
Map Marks.png Northern America (Enclave Mid-West United States)
Capital cityMarkham, USR
Largest cityFloodstone, USR
Official language(s)English (1st) Russian (2nd)
Official religion(s)Christian
Short nameU.S.R. or Slaviaca
- General-SecretaryGeneral-Secretary
- Federal AdministratorLisa Goodrich
LegislatureFederal Commission
EstablishedEarly 2014
Area claimed17.09 Acres
Population44 (as of 2016 census)
CurrencySlaviac Federal Mark
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
National sportRugby and Tennis
National animalGerman Shepherd Dog
Patron saintPatriarch of Moscow

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The United Slaviac Republic is a micronation founded on April 14, 2014 and is the successor to the United Slaviac Commission State and the Autocracy of the Slaviac Union.



The flag of the USR is a simple tri stripe design with the top stripe being red to show vigilance and patriotism of the people of the USR and the stripe in the middle is black to represents the confidence of the people, and the final stripe being blue to symbolize the sweat and tears of the workers of the USR as well as the blue water for the Hale Sea of the USR, and the sky's blue.


The name of the USR is simple and U.S.R. stands for United Slaviac Republic, we will break it down word by word. The first word is United, the word united is used t show all the administrative districts are indivisible. The next word is "Slaviac" this word is unique and although it sounds like Slavic or Slav, it is not all the way that meaning, it means "a Slav and an American Together" and this is not a stereotype of the people because we have people from all ethnicity and race. The next word is Republic and this is pretty self explanatory with it showing our system and structure of government.



The United Slaviac Kingdom is a the sucessor to the ASU and the USR, although all the territories are the same and they have remained in there 17.09 acres of sovereignty and that has not changed just a constitutional change and organizational, the USK was dissolved on November 22, 2015


The Autocracy of the Slaviac Union is the successor state to the USK, which was founded on April 14, 2014. The ASU was formed on November 22, 2015, this was not a kingdom but more of a Parliamentary Monarchy. This constitution was dissolved on December 16.