United Provinces of Drekhamer

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United Provinces of Drekhamér

State Flag

(Sin av Jarnir)

Motto: Brute Force is the answer
Anthem: Im Drekhamér
Sovereign Grand Chief Cryonic Ölhjelm
Head of government Prime minister Widar Ölhjelm
Location Oestfold Co., Norway
Capital Skalleborg
Government Constitutional Chiefdom
Area Claimed

Raade east andSarpsborg

west of Glomma river

Currency Copper pieces and Ecy
Membership Ecypean Nations
Official language Dremish/Norwegian
National sport £-ball
Longest River Bællebekken
National drink Beer/Pepsi
website www.drekhamer.piczo.c

The United Provinces of Drekhamer is a heavily old-tyme-Norse cultural inspired micronation created of ancient tribes who finally came out of the shadows and conquered the tyrannical Mongols from within, in 2004. The Mongols had then, for nearly a decade, spread fear throughout the Ecypeian region. The Drems hold their old rituals and traditions high, as both skilled craftsmen and athletes.

Further info to come when the prime minister of Drekhamer creates his account. This temp reserved by HRH GrandDuke Aleksander of Varnland