United Micronations (2004)

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This article is about one of the United Micronations. For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

The United Micronations also known with the abbreviation of UM was an intermicronational organisation, which apparently has been founded in 2004 and according to its web-page was closed on October 23, 2008.

The United Micronations (UM) existed to serve the micronational community as an open forum for civil discourse on matters related to micronational standards and practices, growth and development, conflict resolution, and the intermicronational relations of all member nations.


  • Acadame North
  • Cyrenia and Eastarctica, Grand Czardom of
  • Gemnoviag, Republic of
  • Gosling, Kingdom of
  • Holcetaea, Empire of
  • Kemetia, Sovereign Kingdom of
  • Lucivania
  • New Pacific, Principality of
  • Revived Roman Empire, The (New Rome)
  • Riboalte, Kingdom of
  • Thera, Principality of (Principado de Thera)
  • Timeria, Republic of (República de Timeria)
  • Tolemac, Federated Kingdom of
  • United Universal Union

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