Commonwealth of Pazistan

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Commonwealth of Pazistan
Flag of Commonwealth of Pazistan
Motto: Ad populum felicitatem nobis contendunt (Latin: For people’s prosperity, we strive)
Anthem: Sex Bomb, by Tom Jones
LocationCardiff, Wales
CapitalPazistan City
Largest cityLa Bastion
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
HIM James II
Cai Parry
LegislaturePazistani National Assembly
• (as of 2017 census) census
CurrencyAspen Pound
Time zoneGMT/BST

The Commonwealth of Pazistan a micronation located in southern wales founded in 2018. The commonwealth was initially simulationist, but has since been converted into a secessionist nation under the new charter.

The Commonwealth is governed by the National Assembly of Pazistan and the First Minister. The National Assembly is directly elected by the people of the commonwealth and is a forum to scrutinize the government of Pazistan for its actions.


The name 'Pazistan' is derrived from the adoptive name of Cai Parry who was known as King Paz early on in the country’s history from 2017-2018. Originally, the Kingdom of Pazistan was governed as part of the United Kingdom of Pazistan, Dazakhstan, and Cianistan. This name eventually became the United Commonwealths of Pazistan, Dazakhstan, and Cianistan under a socialist republican government.

Upon its integration with the Aspen Empire, Dazakhstan and Cianistan were removed from the name as they had long since seceded from the Commonwealth, and under the Aspen Empire’s rule, the Commonwealth of Pazistan was formed and transformed from a simulationist nation to a secessionist nation.


Simulationist History

Pazistan was founded around a small hole dug in the capital, Pazistan City in early 2017. After a while 3 nations arose around the crater, Pazistan, Cianistan, and Dazakhstan, but these eventually united under a communist government. The hole eventually grew into a small crater, and the Union Of Pazistani Socialist Republics was formed with Chairman Cian at it's head. The nation flourished for many weeks and had 3 different chairmen, Chairman C, Chairman Daf, and Chairman Paz. The government eventually collapsed in a Coup, resulting in a military dictatorship, and an eventual monarchy, with King Paz as reigning monarch.

The beginning of what is known as the Democratic Era, was an unstable change for Pazistan, after the king declared a Constitutional Monarchy, soon after, the Parliament overthrew the King and formed an anarchist nation, closely followed by the Conistan and Dazakhstan Uprising, where the anarchists joined the new democratic state to fight the insurgents as Cianistan on 3 December 2018.

Dazakhstan eventually surrendered and revoked their claim, Conistan was fully annexed on the 3rd of December 2018 and is currently under joint control between Pazistan and Cianistan, although a small amount of it is controlled by Conistani Liberation Front insurgents.

Secessionist History

In March 2019, the Aspen Empire signed a treaty with the Commonwealth of Pazistan integrating it into the Empire as an Autonomously Governed Nation, it retained this status until the Integration of Pazistan Act (2019) passed the Aspen Parliament and it was further integrated as a Commonwealth under the old federal system.

In late 2019 the Commonwealth of Pazistan was reorganized under the Devolution and Local Government Act (2019) into a devolved nation within the Aspen Empire, similar to the status of Wales and Scotland within the UK. With this status the Government of Pazistan Act (2019) ceded to the government of the Commonwealth of Pazistan numerous powers that were, until then, not recognized by the Treaty on the Entry of Pazistan (2019).

In 2020 the Commonwealth of Pazistan has become more and more an integrated part of Aspen, and its First Minister Cai Parry enjoys a long lasting friendship with His Majesty, the Emperor. This friendship and the unity between both nations has established the tone of early 2020, and with the Pazistani Citizenship Initiative (part of a greater Aspen Citizenship Initiative) has been planned.

Government and politics

The Government of Pazistan is established by the Government of Pazistan Act (2019) which grants Pazistan powers over its territory that are not granted to other provinces within the Aspen Empire. The government of Pazistan as it currently stands is modeled largely on the devolved government of Wales.

The National Assembly for Pazistan or Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Pazistan is the central legislative organ of the Commonwealth of Pazistan, though it is similar to the other provincial parliaments, the National Assembly for Pazistan has the special distinction of being the legislature of a formerly independent state, thus there are some special powers allocated to it. These powers include the power to delimitate Pazistani territory and the power to organize a referendum on Pazistani independence.

The First Minister of Pazistan is the primary executive officer in the Commonwealth. The first minister is elected by the National Assembly for a term of one year and appoints a cabinet of ministers to advise him and oversee the various executive departments of the Commonwealth.

The National Court of Pazistan is the highest court in the Commonwealth, it is a regional appellate court to the Pazistani General Courts. The National Court of Pazistan has appellate jurisdiction in all cases except for cases involving foreign dignitaries, consuls, ambassadors, and disputes between cities, townships, counties, or other state entities within the Commonwealth, in those cases the National Court has original jurisdiction. The National Court of Pazistan has five justices appointed by the First Minister on behalf of the Emperor, these justices are confirmed by the National Assembly Committee on the Judiciary.

Foreign Relations

As a Commonwealth, and an integral part of the Aspen Empire, diplomacy for Pazistan is conducted by the Aspen diplomatic service, as such, the Commonwealth of Pazistan has consulates for all nations that are currently conducting diplomacy with the Aspen Empire. Consuls are received by the First Minister and have the same powers as ambassadors in the Aspen capital.

Geography and climate

The Commonwealth of Pazistan is located in southern wales in and around the Cardiff metropolitan area. The primary geographic feature in Pazistan is the river Taff. Due to the oceanic nature of the Pazistani climate, rain is frequent, as are clouds and fog, the summers are warm and sunny and winters are moderate and rainy.


Pazistan’s economy is primarily composed of the media sector, with over seventy percent of all exports being media such as news. The primary news network in Pazistan being the Aspen Broadcasting Service which broadcasts popular podcasts such as the Scoop Review and livestreams various gaming platforms.

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