United Kingdom of Greater Manila

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United Kingdom of Greater Manila
Pederasyong Manilenyo (Filipino)
Federación de Manila (Spanish)
Green background, in the centre, a flower and three stars.
Coat of arms containing shield, castle, lion holding a sword and a crown.
Royal coat of arms
Motto: "Audiam"
"I will listen"
Anthem: Veni Creator Spiritus
Map showcasing the location of the United Kingdom of Greater Manila
Largest cityQuezon
Official languagesEnglish
Roman Catholicism
Demonym(s)English: Manileño, Manilan
Spanish: manilense, manileño(-a)
Filipino: Manileño(-a), Manilenyo(-a), Taga-Maynila
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Chris I
Independence from the Philippines
• Declaration of Independence
10 March 2022
• Total
8,099.63 km2 (3,127.28 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyManilan krone (кг) (MKR)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PhST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+63
Internet TLD.ph

The United Kingdom of Greater Manila (Spanish: Reino Unido de Gran Manila, Filipino: Nagkakaisang Kaharian ng Dakilang Maynila), simply known as Greater Manila, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a independent state, but is commonly referred to as a micronation by foreign observers. It is considered a hybrid micronation, in which, it exists both physically and virtually. Physically, it is located in the Greater Manila Area of the Philippines.